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Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite?

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Why Convertkit over Mailerlite?

Imaging you run a small brick and mortar shop. You hosted a successful grand relaunch of your small shop and you try to keep your overhead low. That’s why you have a tight budget for all of your inventory.

Then one day, your electricity was cut off, that lasted about a week. If you run a small business, then you will get that sinking feeling when something goes wrong could be costly to your start-up business.. Yeah, this happen to me, but with my email service provider and this happen intermittently with Mailerlite

You just want to fix the looming problem and have it go away. That’s why I feel at home switching back to Convertkit. And why I firmly staying this time.

I thought Mailerlite was free!

What is the true cost of free? It is your time. Time is a valuable commodity, trust me I know… I have to learn how to be patient suffering from a horrific stroke in my prime. Mailerlite offered a free service but they can cut you off any second.

Mailerlite offered a free service for up and coming entrepreneur, that’s if you have a small list under a thousand, I recommend you check out their service

When you ‘Click here to check your approval status’, you will be presented with this screen and you will be stuck with a review process.

I thought my account was free for a subscribers’ list under a thousand and I took steps to have my account approve. This happen to me and can happen to you. Although, I was using Mailerlite for several weeks this could happen to you at any second.

Automation won’t work in Mailerlite after user re-subscribe.

The thing that I didn’t like about their service was Mailerlite’s subscriber list. Once you delete a subscriber from your list, you would think they are gone forever? Not in this case. When you re-add a user after deletion then their original subscriber date is restored. Why they do this? I don’t know!

Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite

I notice this when I like to test out my lead magnet. Their automation fail to work properly, so emails were not going as plan. This is not a big deal if you don’t delete any subscriber from your list, hopefully you won’t have to.

This kind of problem didn’t happen in Convertkit. Once a user is deleted from memory/database you have to type “DO IT”, then the user is permanently erased. This is the desired effect I wanted in my testing.


To me it make more sense when you removed the user then re-add them, their original sign up date should also be gone as well. Therefore a new automation / sequence of emails should be sent out.

Convertkit’s subscriber was back on top.

Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite 5


Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite 6

Convertkit’s plugin in WordPress is far superior to Mailerlite

Another reason I left Mailerlite and returned to Convertkit was how simple Convertkit’s plugin works. It was easy as plug and play and I didn’t have to deal with messy codes and upload a picture. I loved how well coded their plugin just worked, and my list are extremely organized. It is automatically loaded on every pages and posts that I decided to have it on. The image was uploaded in Convertkit and they care of the rest rather than my own end.

You are welcome to check out Convertkit with a 14 day free trial.

Mailerlite interface just felt clunky compared to Convertkit.

Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite 7

You have to use automation to create sequences. There were times when I copy and paste the content of the email in Mailerlite, I forgot ‘Done Editing’ to save but the click the ‘Go back’ and lost all of my precious work.

Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite 8

I found that Convertkit was simple, cleaner and intuitive on how it was built. Sequences and Automation were separated.

Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite 9

Anyhow, those were some of the lessons I took away of using a free service like Mailerlite, remember it was free up to a thousand email subscribers. However, I would shell out cash money to use Convertkit over again. I just love how simple, clean, and intuitive Convertkit is.

I recommend using Mailerlite, then switching to Convertkit once you reach their threshold.

Check out Mailerlite to grow your list of a thousand user, then switch over to Convertkit.

Another reason I left Mailerlite was because I didn’t want to use my home address when user subscribe/unsubscibe  Convertkit allowed you to use their address, protecting you safely from your home address.

This is Convertkit address and feel free to use their address: 113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA, 98104-2205

Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite 10

Why I left Mailerlite for Convertkit?

I left Mailerlite because Convertkit is a Blogger’s best friend. Although it is not free for a thousand subscriber with unlimited emails like in Mailerlite, I would gladly pay for an email service provider that works. There are no interruption of service like in Mailerlite to have my account approved. Even though I took the necessary steps to have my account approved, Mailerlite can shut you down any second. Is it just me or are you going through something similar like me in this case? Let me hear your comments below.

I left Mailerlite and I am happy with Convertkit. No more headaches, no more pain, no more service interruption, oh how I missed and love Convertkit. I have a yearly subscription with Convertkit for $29 a month. They gave me two months free if I signed up to their annual plan.

Try Convertkit for 14 full day free. 

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