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What Does Clickmagick Do?

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What Does Clickmagick Do?

[This post may contain affiliate links, I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer]

When I first started, I used free services like bit.ly or tinyurl.com to shorten and track my links. There was another free service like go.gol but it didn’t like affiliate links.

It was difficult keeping track of my links with these free tools and if I had many different traffic sources, it was impossible. It felt like throwing darts in the dark. 

That was what most amateurs do and as my small affiliate marketing operation was growing, I wanted to know more about my link clicks.

I analyzed the data that I got back from these url shortener service but they were limited as I gotten wiser.

I asked myself questions like what if I used the same link on two different traffic sources, how would I keep track of them? Oh, I can’t with my free sources! Unless I used a spreadsheet but that would get messy.

I wanted to scale my home operation only to discovered Clickmagick. I was able to quickly clone my links for many different traffic sources. 

Clickmagick allowed me to split test my landing pages for the best results. 

For the first time, I was able to know if I made money from different traffic source and what perform best. It was awesome! 

It was like high speed internet once you discover this tool, you can’t go back to dial up modem. 

Data and numbers are very powerful. They tell a story.

Know your numbers.

Here’s an affiliate link on ClickBank

You might get a long ugly link like this if you promote a product on Clickbank.


But if you use bit.ly, it will create a unique url shortener and track your link.


I use these methods as an Internet Marketer on how to make money online?

Now I use Clickmagick as a tracker because it is the professional version to keep track of all my clicks. I may track the same landing page offer with many different traffic resources.

I do this because Clickmagick provide analytics on which traffic sources get the best clicks.

A Youtube Influencer hit me up and asked me about his stats. Although I got lots of traffic from him, I only got 16 opt-ins or leads from his traffic source.

Whereas, I might run the same offer on a different traffic source, I get a different result. I got 41 opt-ins or leads from Roy Tay on Udimi. You’ll get $5 cash back from Udimi when you signed up through my link.

You can check out Clickmagick and track your landing pages. Remember to know your number that way you can scale your winners and shut down the losers.

How to add link?

There are a lot of features in Clickmagick. Honestly, I don’t use many of them.

My main focus is to create a link.

When you add a new link in Clickmagick, you will get this screen that opens up,

I will mention the items seen in this link creation.

Link Group – this is where you can organize your link. You can create a new group by clicking on the question icon.

Link Name – this is where you can give your link some name that associated by, something that you’ll remember. It won’t allow for special characters.

Tracking Link – if you leave this empty, Clickmagick will give it some random characters. I usually give my Tracking Link some name.

Primary URL – This is where you paste your original link. Usually this is where I paste my long and ugly affiliate link.

Entry Link – usually the beginning of your sale process or landing page.

Attribute – I have my conversions to this link only unless there’s an entry link.

MagicBar – This defaulted to none and Pop up is none too.

Traffic Cost – you can put a number on how much you spend on this traffic resource.

  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • CPA – Cost Per Action
  • CPS – Cost Per Sale
  • Daily – what you spend on the traffic source daily budget
  • Monthly – what you spend on the traffic source monthly budget

Geotargeting – you can target all your traffic from all different countries or specific countries only.

Backup URL – another url you want the traffic source to go to in case your original went down or don’t work.

Mobile URL – a link for mobile view on your mobile device if you have any.

iOS URL – same as mobile but for iOS devices.

Repeat URL – Clickmagick will detect a repeat url and re-route them to a different url.

Pixel/Code – instead of adding the pixel code to fire on page load, you can add it to the tracking link.

Bad Clicks – there are 6 types of bad clicks. Clickmagick will handle this for you.

Password – you can password protect any tracking link. User may be taken to a generic login page to enter the correct password.

Max Clicks – total number of clicks allowed then extra clicks are re-routed to a backup url.

Blank Referrers – an advanced feature that you should avoid unless you understand its usage.

SmartSwap – use for solo ad vendors to exchange traffic with other solo ads vendor.

Notes- simply for your information.

Skip URL verification – bypass all the page validation like a 404 page. 

How to split test?

This is one of the many features that I like to use a lot. Here’s an example where I see what landing pages work the best. I ran the pages against each other and bought a solo ad traffic from Jasdeep.

You can use these same landing pages in my 7 Day Free E-Course. These landing pages were hosted on Clickfunnels.

To split test, select the gear icon and scroll down to Split Testing.

I ran 3 landing pages against each other to see which one is the best. Initially the original and version 2 out perform version 3, but Clickkmagick choose the original because it had a higher and better opt-in rate.

I then ran again the original/primary and version 2, and the original still outperform version 2. Clickmagick does the rest as it chooses the original to be the goto opt-in page. These are my final results.

Although Version 2 showed better opt-in rate with a percentage of 38.3, the original had a better opt-in rate before Clickmagik did its duty. Right around 94 unique clicks, Clickmagick chose landing page 1 or the original as the winner.

In the end, the primary url resulted with 37.2% opt-ins, not bad!

How to add or fire the opt-in pixel?

Goto Tools → Tracking Pixels → Pixel Builder

I like to keep my tracking pixel on Engagements but you can keep yours on Actions.

You can copy and paste that code in the header section of your HTML code.

You can do this easily in Clickfunnels. Just edit the template you like in my case I will add my Clickmagick pixel code here.

In Clickfunnels edit page → Settings → Tracking Code

That’s where you can paste your pixel code from Clickmagick into Clickfunnels. I paste my pixel code on my thank you page and this was how I was able to get my opt-in rates.

How to create a new group

I like to keep my information organized. Groups in Clickmagick does this. Press on the question mark icon.

Another way is selecting Tools → Group Manager. Here you can create groups to organized your main link. Also, you can further create sub group to narrow down your links.

  • Note you can’t split test in sub groups only main groups, I found this out with their customer support 

Great customer service

Clickmagick is feature rich and not only it track your link clicks but it has great support. At any time you feel lost you can select help from the main menu.

I like to peruse the Knowledge Base or watch Video Tutorials for explanation. If you ever feel stuck, then Clickmagick has a great wealth of resources so you’ll never feel alone left on an island to figure things out on your own.

What are rotators?

Honestly, I haven’t dive in this section but  it is use for Solo Ads vendor. Solo Ads vendors are basically people who have a large email list. They can sell some of their traffic back and make a good profit.

They would use Clickmagick’s Rotator link for the many traffic buyers in their queue. Hence the rotator will queue their buyers to the email list  until their number of clicks are satisfied.

What are Tools in Clickmagick?

As mentioned earlier, there are a host of features and tools in Clickmagick. One of the many tools that I like to use on a consistent basis is the Group Manager.

It helps me organize my links.

Another tool I like to use is the Tracking Pixels. This is where I build my tracking pixels and paste this to the header section of my HTML code. It works well with Clickfunnels.

An important tool that I use is the Postback Urls. There are 2 types of Postback Urls in Clickmagick: Postback Builder and Postback Debugger.

Clickmagick would walk you through your setup for different affiliate network when you select Postback Builder. 

  • Note Make sure you understand the usage of query string.

Each tool would tell you how much you made from your link clicks, most importantly if you made a sale. 

Your Postback Debugger will help you if you had setup your link properly. It will display a red text for error and green for success.

What is the Academy?

Clickmagick has a feature rich set of tools. It can be daunting to know how to start. Clickmagick has a link called Academy so you learn from the best without winging it.

You will learn from 6, 7, or 8 figure online marketers and entrepreneurs for free!

You get to select from the many different courses that they have online.

Each month, new courses are added to the library selection.

There is a new Live! Link

This is a new feature in Clickmagick.  It allows you to reach the Clickmagick’s community in its private gateway. You are allowed to have intimate conversations with top earners in the industry.

If it’s your first time, you can request an invite to have conversations in Slack.

Why use Clickmagick?

As I mentioned earlier in this article, there are free resources like bit.ly or tinyurl.com to shorten your long and ugly url link. These free services allow you to customize your links as well. You can make them look tidy and nice.

You may want to track your link clicks and analyze your results over time. Clickmagick allows you to do this. You may want to know more about your links and you can’t do this with the free tools.

With true data and numbers, it tells a story. It helps you as an ally to scale the winners and shut down the losers. You can’t do this with the free available resources.

One final note is that I like to reset my stats and start over.

To reset stats press on Pencil Icon → Scroll down and select Reset Stats

My Final Thoughts

You are more than welcome to use the free resources discussed in this article. In fact I still use bit.ly or tinyurl.com to shorten my url link.

I go over Split Testing, Pixel Code, Group Manager, and many more in my Free 7 Day Affiliate Marketing E-course.

There I give bonuses on Landing pages, Email Swipes, and etc…

You may want to scale your operation as you grow. Clickmagick made me smarter as I want to know more about my link clicks. It helps me track my conversion and sale , this is important for any online marketer.

Once I discovered this powerful tool, it’s hard going back to do what I once dd.

Give Clickmagick a Free test run!

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