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The Best Email Service Provider For Bloggers

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August 10, 2019
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August 31, 2019

The Best Email Service Provider For Bloggers

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I had a tumultuous past couple of weeks. I lost a caretaker that had helped migrated my insurance across town: from San Diego County to Riverside County.

It was a complicated process that he helped me navigate through. He spiral out of control ever since the sad news of his aging mother in the hospital. He wanted to quit on me but had no out, in fact he quit on me four months prior, but return to take better care of me this time around.

My mom said it was okay to move in the next day but only discovered that he left his girlfriend and moved in that same night.

I never wanted to go back to him but had no choice of finding someone new. With him, I learned to steer through the emotional roller coaster. l finally got off and enjoyed this new ride.

This new caretaker is better suited for me just like your email service provider.

Have you started out with something bad and found something better?

I sure did!

Well I found the best email service provider. It is called Convertkit.

These are my 5 Best Email Marketing for Beginner’s Blogger to Make Money.

Is Convertkit Better Than Mailchimp?

I started out with Mailchimp. They were a known brand and my friends referred me to them. 

Not a bad service but when I dove into the program it felt complicated as a beginner blogger. 

Sure they offer their free service allowing you to have 2,000 contacts and emails up to 10,000 a month. It got more complicated with the pay as you go plan. I was lost! And so I switched to Convertkit. 

I wanted an unlimited email plan but I knew that I won’t need it. A simple plan for a simple blogger. 

Convertkit was simpler and much easier to use. It was built for a blogger by a blogger. I even stuck with them after my free trial.

I did switch again to Mailerlite because they were completely free for a new blogger. I tried to save some money but I finally switched back to Convertkit.

I did find a hack for Mailerlite that you can read here How to setup Mailerlite like Convertkit?

I enjoyed using Convertkit after switching back one final time. Quality matters after trying Mailerlite for free. 

Here are some reasons Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite?

How To Use Convertkit?

Convertkit made it easy to fall in love with emailing again. They stripped away the difficulties with their clean and simple interface. The main menu was easy to follow, let me explain each option.

Subscribers show the number of users who elected to opt-in to your mailing list. You have the option to view Net new subscribers or Total subscribers.

Net new subscribers this is our default view. Convertkit will displayed a graph of users who subscribe or unsubscribe from your email list.

Total subscribers show you the total number to your email list. Usually Convertkit will displayed a linear flat chart unless a new subscriber is added to your list. Otherwise, your graph looks like a hill.

Also under subscribers, you can create a segment or a tag.

For example, I created a buyer list that is different from my main list. I only target future emails from my buyer’s list if they had made a purchased.

I may tag a user and run an automation to send a sequences of emails. Tagging a user can organize your main list even farther.

Automations combine a form and sequences together. This is a set of rules that will automate tasks like emailing that you don’t have to.

Forms & Landing Pages give you the options to pick between forms or landing pages. This is how you get your user’s information.

There are three types of form: Inline, Modal, and Slide in.

Inline form is just a form that you can easily embed in your webpage. There are six types of inline template you can choose from.

Modal form is a form that overlay a webpage with a dark grey background. You can close out this form by clicking the x or off the screen. There are seven templates that you can choose from.

Slide in form is a form that hovers over your web page in the lower right corner. You are given the option to close out the form. There are six slide in form that you can choose from.

Landing page is basically a webpage that you can collect a user’s information with a form. There 24 templates that you can choose from.

Sequences are an automated series of pre-written emails that go out for you. 

1 Status – there are two options Draft and Published. Make sure to set your email to Published once you are done. I had the problem of not having my email goes out if it is set on Draft.

2. When To Send – Set to zero if you want the email to go out immediately. You can delay your email by adjusting the numbers of days in between.

3. Preview – Browser or Email. You have the option to preview your email in your browser or your email. I like to test by sending to my email account. 

4. Email Subject – Your subject line is what everyone’s see in their inbox. Your open rate depends how clever your subject line is. *Tip: be genuine and provide helpful value.

5. Email Content – This is what your reader sees when they open up their email. Make sure your content provide value.

Broadcasts are like one and done emails. It is like speaking into a large microphone announcing relevant news about your website. Wrote a blog post recently or have a huge discount sales, maybe a broadcast email is best for your list.

Cconvertkit What Is A Cold Subscriber

Cold subscribers are user in your email list that haven’t interacted with any of your content. They haven’t open your email or click on any links. They are usually one month or older, and frozen in time. I reminded by that Disneyland movie ‘Frozen’ to let them go…

Convertkit created a great way to get rid of cold subscribers from your list and you can follow the automation rule here.

Convertkit For WordPress

Do you have a wordpress blog? Well, you are in luck!

There’s a plugin in WordPress for your blog. Convertkit plugins for wordpress, you can download the ConvertKit plugin here.

How to connect convertkit to wordpress?

After you download the plugin, make sure you add your Api Key and Secret from Convertkit to your WordPress plugin. You have the option to select your Default form as well.

Integrate Convertkit With Clickfunnels

On the upper right hand corner, you can access Account settings in Convertkit. Under Account Info in the left column, copy your Api Key. Here you can find your Api Secret or Affiliate link as well.

Next you can paste this Api Key in Clickfunnels like so:

Final Thoughts

Like me finding a good caretaker often take trial and errors. Unfortunately, the last one was the cause of his own destruction. Once you find one that checkmarks all your points, it should feel like home.

I finally found a home after switching back to Convertkit. I enjoy how simple it is to use. I went over the main points of the interface. It was built by a blogger for blogging. I like how he stripe out all the complexity and gave us Convertkit.

Are there other email service provider that you use and recommend? Just comment below.

I wholeheartedly recommend Convertkit. It allows me peace of mind and let me concentrate on content for this blog.

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