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Stupid Simple SEO Review

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July 22, 2018
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How I Failed Miserably At Affiliate Marketing
July 2, 2019

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When I first started, I didn’t know much about Google Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I concentrated strictly on Pinterest and Youtube for my organic traffic. I created my pins on Canva and I hired someone on Fiverr to read my blog post.

But i moved slow because of my disability from my stroke, That’s where I discovered paid advertising. With paid advertising, I was able to generate more leads to my affiliate offer.

For the last several months, I dived into paid advertising on Bing, Udimi Solo Ads, YouTube and Instagram influencer, and many different paid traffic sources so Google SEO was the least of my concern.

It wasn’t until I came across Mike Pearson online digital course called Simple Stupid SEO. I have to admit, there’s nothing simple or stupid about SEO, all I wanted was more organic traffic to my site.

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What i’ve learned over 50 videos and 10 hours of online training with Mike was to take SEO more seriously.

Who’s Mike Pearson?

Around 2014 In his early career, Mike did some Black Hat SEO and rank well in Google. His blog sites were a part of Private Blog Network. He bought expired domains that may have a lot of backlinks and high Domain Authority and kept them alive.

Mike tried to game Google algorithm with using Private Blog Network method. One day your blog site could rank well page number one in Google and literally overnight it is eradicated from the system.

His sites were slap hard with the new update. All of his blog sites were gone from Google. It is still painful that haunts Mike til this day where he don’t want to talk about it.

Now, he is married, a new apartment, and kids. Four years later and with many failed attempts, he finally took a site to over $100,000 in revenue mostly passive with doing SEO the right way.

Mike stated that Google SEO takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but these are the same principles and strategies that work for him in his business. It took him from a total beginner to advanced expert in SEO by applying these tactics in this course.

Migrated for speed, mobile, and security

I noticed my site was horribly slow as it was hosted on a share server by Hostgator. I did buy a SSL Certificate from Godaddy, so I could accept online credit card payments and my site can be more trustworthy.

snailYour site should be optimized for mobile, luckily most current themes are mobile friendly. You want to get an SSL certificate because Google trust site with extra measure of security.

Short pixel plugin to make images smaller for faster load. W3P to cache your site.

Mike recommended to use for site speed. These are my results.

Before Migration

After Migration

Most of you are on Bluehost or Siteground, Mike recommended Siteground for faster site speed.

Mike was on a faster hosting platform called WPX hosting. He said it’s best to keep the site speed under four seconds, so I soon migrated web hosting platform.

WPX asked me to provide some customary and sensitive information. They handled the server migration and they took less than a day.

Now my website is lightning fast. Check out how fast my new website!

,     rocket

How long does it take to get rank in Google?

Google likes older domain. You want your site to be around 18-24 months. You want to get out the sandbox so the older the better.

It takes a long time before Google trust and rank you.

What are the top 3 ranking factors in Google?

The top 3 ranking factor in Google are:

  1. Links (Backlinks)
  2. Content
  3. RankBrain

There are 2 factor to RankBrain

  • User intent
  • User satisfaction

Understanding Search Intent

RankBrain is Google 3rd most important ranking signal.

Google understands user intent, measure user satisfaction.

Understanding User Satisfaction

Nerd fitness offer good information on intermittent fasting.

It is engaging, with lots of images, a youtube video, bolded, nice heading, and more…

It is all about user experience and how user interacts with your page?

Are they staying on your page, what is the click through rate, or they bouncing back to search results?

Keep your site and prettiness in mind.

pretty ao gai

Although Google don’t rank your site based on design, but this is more for your user.

A good site offers optimal performance, a poorly designed site will have a higher bounce rate

Mike Pearson isn’t a design expert, but his site is designed well with lots of white spaces, big fonts are easy to read and follow. 

Niche down your blog content to make it relevant

Kellymom is about one single topic, only breast feeding – a sub-niche of parenting. She is able to out rank her competitor by niching down. Niching down helps her to be relevant, which is one of three pillars of SEO.

Lower authority site can outrank bigger site. It is better to be focus with a few topics than being broad

How a mommy blogger outrank good housekeeping and consumer report?

Momtricks subjects are babies and pregnancy.

She choose a keyword of ‘best crib mattress’. crib

She gets 12,000 organic searches a month and ranks #3 in Google.

Babysleepsite talks about only one subtopic, and they get 90% organic traffic from Google.

There are google employees that rate your site on authority.

It is best to niche down to be relevant.

Making Your Navigation & Categories Google-Friendly

Think of your site like a tree with many branches.

How a mommy blog out rank a bigger authoritative site?

She was smaller, specific, and laser-focused. Smaller site can outrank bigger broader site. As a mommy blog, she is rank #2 for the keyword ‘best breast pump’.

How To Rank Even If Your Site Is Very Broad

Look at where it spun off to 3 different mini sites.

plants, lawn care, gardening

The 3 mini different sites are:

  • Gardening
  • Plants
  • Lawn Care

You can quickly see how they organize their site by the category structure.

Read the  guide to site architecture when it comes to adding navigation links to your website.

Your internal linking are subcategory to the main category. Like an asparagus go inside gardening and not lawn care or plants.

Each silo is like a close ecosystem. Look at for reference. 

An intro to keyword research, what makes a good keyword?

A good keyword can make you money on your site and a bad keyword can lead you wondering?

You want to find keywords that are relevant to your topic. You don’t want to write about a keyword that nobody is searching for.

If you’re a financial blogger, you won’t write about recipes or productivity, it is strictly about finance.

Mommy blogger about breastfeeding. All of her articles are on breastfeeding.

There’s a Chrome plugin call keyboard everywhere. You don’t want to write an article that no one is searching for, this is bad SEO practice.

High authoritative site like Michelle is going to make rank higher in Google search than a new blogger.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Piggyback of your competitors keyword  See what success works for them where we can compete with our own unique style.

Instagram got the successful idea of story from Snapchat. Know your competitors If they can get traffic, you can too. Research competitor of DR of 30-35 (DR is domain rating)

Ahrefs uses DR as a baseline metrics but Google don’t care, basically the more backlinks you have the better.

You want to compete with similar DR as your site.

How To Use Ahrefs Content Explorer For More Content Ideas

Reverse engineer your competition. Goto Content explorer in Ahrefs.

Type-in Keyword ‘breastfeeding’ in title

Domain rating that are higher are stiffer competition. Target post that have 5 backlinks or fewer.

Target post where you can 500 organic visit a month. Usually 3x this amount in Ahrefs.

What is Epic Content?

epic content

Content is the most important part of SEO. Most bloggers come from Pinterest. Only 10 sites are on rank 1st page of Google

Comprehensive, resourceful, valuable content. A complete one-stop hub.

Great written content, include graphics, images, design elements, doesn’t always mean “longer”.

Great example of the Paleo diet

5500 words by Nerd Fitness vs. over 600 words by some random blogger

Skyscraper Philosophy – See what’s doing well, and do it better

How To Create Epic Content That Ranks

Maybe an infographic for post on Beginner’s Guide To Index Investing

Otherwise a great post on index investing

The post on paleo diet by nerd fitness has a sarcastic conversational tone, like a friend who email you.


The keto diet was written by 2 P.H.D. The content is clean with short paragraphs and custom images.

If you have a mac?

What is Startup Disk Full on Mac OS?

Easy to read heading. A video is a value add.

Short heading, bullet points, number list, linking or referencing other article. Custom images, youtube video, infographic.

How To Set Up Your On-Page SEO

Don’t load your site with or keyword stuffing, write naturally.

Keep your site slug, just the keyword is fine

For ex. If title is “61 DIY Coop Plans & Ideas Are Easy to Build (100% Free)

Slug …/chicken-coop-plans is perfectly fine

Have the keyword within the first 100-200 words of your post.

Look for long tail related keyword and sprinkle that within your post.

Use internal links to have link juice, use internal link where it make sense. 

To be a trusted authority, external link to other sources. Give them credit. Have images in your post

Content is in-dept and valuable. Google tend to favor longer post that are relevant and great.


SEO For Affiliate Marketing

The wirecutter monetize with affiliate marketing. 66% of traffic comes from Google.

The blogger, run by one guy by the name of Bryan, sold his site to NY Times for $30 Mil.

He hired some writers to build out the content focusing on SEO.

If you have a fitness blog, the keyword ‘foam roller’ or ‘foam roller benefits’, good for traffic but bad for affiliate marketing. User intent not looking to buy. ‘Foam roller exercise’ not good to monetize with affiliate marketing

The keyword ‘best foam roller’ is written by and they monetize the site with Amazon and Walmart affiliate. The article got over 6000 words.

How To Find Affiliate Keywords

The keyword ‘wireless headphone’ is not ideal because searcher intent is ready to buy.

The keyword ‘best wireless headphone’ is better to monetize with affiliate marketing

How To Create “Best [Product]” Type Content

Create a in depth complete topic for the post. Epic post rank high in Google. Google your keyword to see what is ranking on the first page.

Try to make post longer and better than the original comment. Include other related topics not just your review and a conclusion. There is a template for the best product type of post

Keyword ‘the best diaper rash cream’

Describe the problem, agitated and provide solutions. Help the reader to solve their problems.

Provide a section if there are different types like fryers

Pros/Cons of electric vs turkey fryer. A section about the benefits or advantages. A section of Things to look for. A section of A shopping tip feature. Top 5/top 10 conclusion or review.

Summarize the products, tell the user why you recommend this product.

How To Create “Review” Type Content

Why do you need the product? Who’s not for? Even if the vendor get a commission, they qualify the user. Go  indept about the product, provide the meat and potatoes.

Provide a feature list of the product.

What’s in the tool and how to use it? Answer some objections the user might have. Good screenshots of the product. Show people how to use it.

Link Building 101

What Are Links & Why Are They So Important? chain link

Mike explain some backlink strategies like:

  • Guest posting
  • GuestoRoundup
  • Blogger Outreach

Don’t have to do all these backlinks technique. All of these methods may not be for you. Some bloggers may not be comfortable with the blogger outreach technique.

Choose that best fit you and your personality

Guest posting is the easiest and most “‘natural” form of link building and any blogger can do it without feeling uncomfortable.

Why are backlinks so important?

Google stated that the top 3 factors are:

  • Links
  • Content
  • Rankbrain

Links are the easiest way for Google to gauge your site.

This is Google way of determining how good is a site over the other.

The #1 way is backlinks. Think of links like a voting system

Think about the volume and quality of the link, and how relevant it is to your site.

If a financial blogger link to your site, this is good, but if you get a lot of backlinks from gaming or drug site, this is bad because it is not relevant.

Setting Expectations: Link Building Is Really Hard

google seo


  • You will learned SEO
  • Lots of new tools
  • Strategy For Link Building
  • How to use Aherfs for keywords
  • More organic searches or traffic from Google
  • Dd Whitehat SEO, do SEO the right way


  • Google SEO may take a long time
  • Video training may be long and boring
  • SEO is not sexy, material may be dry
  • Information in video not searchable
  • The course is not available all year long

My Final Thoughts

Mike did a great job covering all aspects of Google SEO.

Gone are days of Blackhat strategy and tactics. He kept it clean with Whitehat SEO and provided a lot of examples.

I wish there was a search feature within all those videos.  I have to admit, sometimes the material was hard to stomach through. It was like being fed a spoonful of mash-up of peas that come in baby food.

You got to remember, Google SEO is a long and tedious process, it is a marathon and not a sprint.

Google SEO is good for you in the long run, it isn’t sexy or exciting but it is necessary.

You can check out Mike Pearson’s course on Stupid Simple SEO.

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