How I Made $200.93 In September 2019? My Second Income Report - You Khanh Do It!

How I Made $200.93 In September 2019? My Second Income Report

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October 13, 2019
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November 20, 2019

How I Made $200.93 In September 2019? My Second Income Report

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First welcome! A short introduction if you are new to my blog. My name is Rodney and I suffered a stroke over two years ago. Doctors told me and my mom that I would never work again. Long story short, I discovered affiliate marketing and this blog.

This month was harder than I first imagined. I had all the right intention of knocking out all my goals. But I discovered a major problem with my Free 7-Day Affiliate Marketing E-course, it was long and boring…

I did what everyone would do when you don’t like something. I re-done the entire training over. It is more efficient and to the point this time. And my email swipes are on point! 

There are 7 training videos, 13 emails in my sequence, a new sales funnel, tutorial videos, and many more. Trust me, it took me all month. Given my state, I am proud of myself. A Pat On The Back!

In fact if you accomplished something, give yourself a pat on the back! 👏

Test it out yourself and signed up. Tell me what you think?

Here’s my new 7-day free affiliate marketing training.

Start a blog

As I mentioned in the previous month, I wanted to create a successful Youtube channel but since I suffered a stroke that prevent me from speaking well, I started this blog instead.

This blog has helped me put my thoughts down on paper and most importantly, I was looking for an alternative way for passive income.

If you are actively working a 9-5 job like me, then you must find an alternative way for more income.

If you want financial freedom, you can’t do this by actively working a j-o-b so you must give value to the world and automate yourself.

You can create more freedom by starting a blog.

I have an absolutely free way to start your own blog, Start yours today!

Income Report

I was more excited about how much I made from my adsense than promoting an affiliate product that enjoyed.

Both were passive and as someone who once littered my website with ads in the beginning to detesting I would never touched an ad ever again.

I finally add the ads display back without being overly intrusive to the user experience. And I made two cents. I was happy because of the doubling penny effect. Do you know the story about the doubling penny? You can read more about it here.

Anyhow, my goal is to have my advertising double every month which means I have a healthy flow of traffic to this website.

My other income came from the four percent group. I did a Brutally Honest Review of Four Percent “The Success Challenge” Version 3

I was handsomely rewarded twice in September 2019 of $200.91, one for $57.03 and the second one for $143.88.

I loved being rewarded with these amounts and I get an email from Vick like this as the subject line, CHICKY-BOOM! You got a sale!

It looked like my Clickfunnels customer quit his/her subscription this month so I no longer receive any payments from Clickfunnels. This made me a little sad but I understand that there will be other future customers.

The sales I got from The Four Percent hadn’t touched my bank account yet but it is held up like a saving account. It is good to document how much I made from affiliate marketing.

4 Percent – $200.91

Adsense – $0.02


I tried to keep my expenses as low as possible, that’s why I had prepaid almost everything with the annual subscription.

The only thing I paid on a monthly basis was my email autoresponder. And I used Convertkit. You can read why this is The Best Email Service Provider For Bloggers

My subscribers count fluctuate each month so I elected to do a monthly plan. This month ended with 881 email subscribers. Convertkit charged me $29 this month. Last month, I had over a thousand users therefore I paid $49 but they went cold.

I scrubbed my cold subscribers every quarter and you can find that same process here. Basically, I delete cold subscribers from my list and get rid of them if they don’t engage with my emails.

I also bought some solo ads traffic from Jasdeep to test my Free 7-Day Affiliate Marketing E-course and Bonus Swipe files.

I bought two test run at 500 clicks each, the first set me back at $280 and the second run cost me $285. The total amount cost me $565.

I also bought traffic for $60 after watching this video and I got scam! Since the software didn’t work on a mac, the vendor promise me 10 million clicks. After the first 5,000 clicks I was taken as a fool when I knew it was too good to be true. My mistake!

I spent a grand total for traffic in the amount of $625.

Net profit

Not my greatest month when it came to my net profit. Simply said, it really stinks!

I did make a profit in affiliate marketing which was totally passive and without any advertising.

I was happy knowing that I can do it. I made a profit of $200.93.

The part that I’m not happy about was how much I spend on traffic. I spent a total of $625 for traffic but it helped me to get new leads.

My net profit for the month of September was +$200.03 – $625 = -424.07


Goals for October 2019

I didn’t get to smash my goals for September 2019.

Let me recapped what they were:

  • Post 5 blog articles 
  • Have 550 followers on Pinterest 
  • Have 100 unique user sessions 
  • Make $300 in passive affiliate commission 

Post 5 articles – I only posted one article and that was my income report for last month. I spend most of month reworking my Free 7-Day Affiliate Marketing E-course.

Failed 😢

Have 550 followers on Pinterest – As of October first, I had 551 followers.

Smash! 👊

Have 100 unique user sessions – I didn’t get this much unique user sessions this month

Failed 😢

Make $300 in passive affiliate commission – I made $200.93 but my net amount was an awful -424.07. I horribly fail this month.

Failed 😢

Here are my goals for October 2019

  • Post 4 blog articles
  • Have 600 followers on Pinterest
  • Have 100 unique user sessions in one day
  • Make $300 in passive affiliate commission 

I’ll keep my goals in similar fashion until I can smashed them. Do you think I can smashed them?

Final Thoughts

September was my birthday month so can I get a pass? Although, I didn’t smash my goals for September, I did get to rework on my Free 7-Day Affiliate Marketing E-course.

Fixing the training videos consumed a lot of my time for September and didn’t leave me much time to work on my blog post. I’m happy to say for this month I’m back to my regular routine.

I know the month is more than half through so I got to knock out some of my goals.

What I learned from watching a Netflix movie is to take an ‘L’ as a lesson learn not as a lost.

Hope my income report helped inspire you to do better.

Chin up and keep swinging!

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Hi Rodney,

Hope you’re doing well! Your blog journey is inspiring!

I came across your blog as I was looking for stupid simple seo review. I’m going to signup using your link!

Are you still in San Diego?

I currently live in San Diego and would love to connect with like-minded.

Have a great day!