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Google Docs / G-Suite

Before I hit publish in my Wordpreess site, I do all of my writing in Google Docs. It has an auto-save feature that I love I then use copy and paste to my wordpress site. You must sign for Google Gmail in order for it to work. Once you got your account, you can use drive and take it for a test spin.

Visit Google G-Suite


If I run out of digital space, sometimes I use dropbox to store all my files. But if have Google G-Suite you can do this as well.

Visit Dropbox


I use this service to hire some of my gigs. Work starts at $5 bucks, can’t beat that!

Visit Fiverr


I used this service a lot to condensed my image files before I upload them onto my wordpress blog.

Visit Optimizilla


Remove the background from your images.

Visit PhoyoScissors


I use this this software to schedule a service to market my pins on Pinterest. I also use this to post my Instagram pictures.

Visit Tailwind


I organize my thoughts and workflow. This service helps me to put my task in place.

Visit Trello


There are two type of service: .com & .org. You want to download your host your own at .org

Get your own version here!


They are a giant when it comes to video storage. I used this service to store or create all of my online video.

Visit Youtube