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Make Money Blogging for Beginners Review
Make Money Blogging for Beginners Review
March 10, 2018

Paypal vs Venmo

Paypal vs Venmo

You want to pay your merchant or someone with your mobile phone, what do you use?

Do you use PayPal or Venmo?

These are your top choices?

Earlier this week, I asked for financial help because the government cut off my disability payment as of last September and I was running low on savings.

My friends and family came through. We raised $2000, and last year they raised $14000 in my presence by buying my t-shirt “You Khanh Do It”.

For that, I thank you.

Here’s what I noticed with the two major platforms.

How much did they charged?

Example of my friend. Here’s he gave me $200, and PayPal took $6.10 and left me with $193.90

That’s  3.05%!

With Venmo, it was a simple and clean transaction.

Here’s another friend gave me $100, and what did Venmo took from the transaction? And, it’s more social amongst friends.


One hundred dollars safely landed in my inbox.

How did Venmo make their money?

You were given a choice of instant cash or standard 2-3 days, and safely deposited to your bank account.

If you want instant cash, Venmo takes 25 cents or Free with standard deposit.

So what I preferred?

The winner is Venmo!

Is your money, what would you choose?

Also, I noticed a bug with Facebook. My initial post was and left out the letter ‘n’. I caught my mistake and edit/update with, but the initial link from Facebook was not updated.

It still looks like this.

Facebook update your bug!




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I think Paypal take from the receiver and not the giver. However, Venmo takes from the giver (if using credit card) and not from receiver. But if pay directly using bank account, then Venmo doesn’t take anything. Venmo is still slightly better.