How I Made $198.82 In November and December 2019? My Fourth Income Report - You Khanh Do It!

How I Made $198.82 In November and December 2019? My Fourth Income Report

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November 20, 2019
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How I Made $198.82 In November and December 2019? My Fourth Income Report

The last two months of the year were difficult for me writing and up-keeping this blog. My Thanksgiving and Christmas were spent with me and mom as my brother Anthony is still in the hospital at rehab in San Bernardino.


I did write a Gofundme page and you can support his long recovery here.


Any small donation will help my family, thank you.


If you know of someone who vapes, please share my brother Anthony’s story.


Please don’t vape!


Income Report

I made one affiliate sale in November from Stupid Simple SEO Review. And two cents from google adsense.


I didn’t make anything for December, it was a slow month.


I’m starting to realize that this has taken me away from the stroke community. I want to write more quality articles that would help anyone who struggle financially with a disability.


So my goal is to publish more quality articles in a month than push out some random writings. 


I made forty percent of $497, which is $198.80. It is an awesome feeling when you make an affiliate sale or commission.




Stupid Simple SEO Review – $198.80

Adsense – $0.02






I kept my expenses low by paying annually for the many online programs. The one program that I have on a monthly subscription is Convertkit.


For the month of November & December, I paid $29 each month and ended with 887 subscribers.


I scrubbed cold subscribers from my list. I will do this quarterly moving forward.


You can find this process from Convertkit here


Net Income

My net profit for the month of November + December were +$198.82 – $58 = 140.82


Goals for 2020

  • Grow this blog.
  • Post more videos on my youtube channel.
  • Make $1000 in a calendar month with passive income.
  • Document my stroke journey.


Final Thoughts


Glad this year is whining down. 2019 will be over soon and 2020 is rolling in. I’m going to discuss more about my stroke and how it lead to affiliate marketing. My third anniversary living with stroke falls on my sister birthday on January 4th.

My ultimate goal is to save enough money for a stroke shot in Boca Raton, Florida. The cost is like ten grand for the shot. *My younger sister also lives in Florida so it’ll be nice to go visit her as well.

You can view and donate to my stroke recovery on my Gofundme page.


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