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How to setup Mailerlite like Convertkit?

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I really missed how simple and easy Convertkit form plugin was, it created a lead magnet and place it below on every post. I almost kept my subscription to Convertkit because of this, but I figure out a solution in Mailerlite.

See why I switched from Mailchimp to Convertkit to Mailerlite.

How to set up Convertkit form plugin in Mailerlite?How to setup Mailerlite like Convertkit?

Here’s how I did this in Mailerlite?

First create a form in Mailerlite. Give it a proper name.

The great thing about Mailerlite is that you can customize your form, I just happen to change the button color to red. Once done with creating your form, make sure to copy the HTML code like so…


Download a plugin called Ad Inserter. The great benefit with Ad Inserter is you can paste your Adsence code or any other advertisement code on your page.

Remember that HTML code you copy? You can paste it into Add Inserter like so…

Since, I uploaded an image to my media, you can copy and paste this HTML code within your form.

Make sure to copy and paste this within your form tags where <p> tags are empty.

<p><img style=”margin: auto; display: block; max-width: 200px; height: auto; width: 100%” src=”LINK_TO_THE_IMAGE” />

Finally, copy and save these settings in Ad Inserter.

On each individual pages, make sure you check box enable. I got mine on the About page.

There you go, you’ll have the similar form within your posts and individual pages. Now, you can collect names and emails.

If you want to join and check out Mailerlite, you will received a $20 credit with this link:

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