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How To Make Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

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August 22, 2019
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How To Make Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

[This post may contain affiliate links, I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer]

When I first started working online, I thought making money in the digital space was a folklore or a myth. 

I was debating between creating a successful YouTube channel or a blog. I did both! 

Both directions led me to believe that you must create something of value for your audience to take away. 

I made some extra passive income through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Here are my best tips for generating more passive income with affiliate marketing. 

Start a blog

I had a tech background before my stroke. I did set up many websites for my clients so I found this naturally easy when it came to me. setting up a blog.

If you haven’t set up your blog yet, then start yours blog today. I walk you through a complete website built in WordPress. 

It feels liberating to have your own custom domain. How do you like this one? 

At first, I blasted my newly blog site with advertising! It is not hard to apply to Google Adsence for extra passive money. 

I didn’t do bad where I was earning about a dollar a day. That’s about thirty bucks a month. Or six cup of three shots of espresso and two pumps of white mocha in a grande iced cup. 

My friend Peter got me hooked on it as it was close to tasting like Vietnamese coffee. My favorite coffee drink at Starbucks! 

This passive income was thug life. There was plug in like Ad Inserter that I set up and forget it. 

Later it dawned on me that having all these advertisements on my site slows down my blog. 

I didn’t think about the user’s existence! Oh no! 

I strip away the advertising and migrated web server company from Hostgator to WPX hosting. 

I didn’t think about my user at first until I had my own bad experience. So no more Google Adsence which also meant no coffee at Starbucks.

I vow to never add advertisements again. It wasn’t until I read other blogs. They do use advertising on their website. But they made up for it by providing good content.

You gotta ask yourself about the user’s experience? Keep them in mind. 

Having said that, I added advertising back on this site, but it is not obstructive or distracting to the user. Hopefully I can get coffee again.

Your content should be good and valuable. 

I have been on some blogs with lots of advertisements and some blogs you won’t feel it. 

They are there and can become a good resource of passive income for you. 

Use it tastefully!

Start a Youtube Channel

I wanted to take advantage of this valuable resource. Did you know that getting your own YouTube channel is free?

It is a small investment with a blog. I still wanted my own YouTube channel. 

I got one! 

You can follow me at You Khanh Do It. 

Right now people relate more to people on video. Take advantage of this phenomenon! 

Youtube is a search engine and people are always looking for information. 

Make sure you provide valuable content and you will rank higher with your information. 

You will be able to make passive income with their advertising but you may need 1000 subscribers before you can make any money. 

You can always place your affiliate link in the description area and if someone make a purchased with your link, then you can earn some extra passive commission.

Join Mediavine To Earn More

I know you can make passive income with ads but if you have good traffic with over 25k monthly sessions, think about switching over to Mediavine.

Mediavine payout more than Google Adsence. Once you reach that threshold consider jumping over and raking in more money.

What affiliate products to promote

There are tons and tons of affiliate network and products that you can promote. You want to find the best one in your niche. Remember to disclose to your user those are affiliate links.

If you’re a new blogger you might like 10 Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

Sell the picks and shovels

Remember the gold rush era? The guys who made out wasn’t mining for gold, they sold the picks and shovels.

There aren’t  a lot of networks or products that I actively promote online, I just recommend a few. Guess what? I use them myself.

For email marketing check out Convertkit.

You may need landing pages, have a look at Clickfunnels

How you track all your link clicks? I personally used Clickmagick

They each have their own affiliate programs. These are the picks and shovels I was talking about. They are online tools that you will need.

Make sure to pick affiliate programs with recurring monthly commissions. The guy who referred me to his link would enjoy a monthly commission so long I stay on the program.

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Final Thoughts

Passive income can come in many different forms. My favorite are ads and affiliate programs I’m using – the picks and shovels.

Remember to go light on your ad’s placement and put yourself in the user’s shoes. Initially, I littered my website with ads but they were slowing down my site and my user’s experience wasn’t great. Keep it light and let your content shine.

There are many affiliate networks and programs to join. I just recommend a select few. They are the programs or online software that I’m using right now.

Grab yourself a good email service provider. I use Convertkit.

Here are 5 Best Email Marketing for Beginner’s Blogger to Make Money

A great landing page like Clickfunnels.

And finally a link tracker, like Clickmagick, to track all your link clicks. You will find how handy this tool is over time.

All these have their own affiliate program with monthly recurring commission. Making you passive income with affiliate marketing over time as long your customers stay on the programs.

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