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March 25, 2018
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Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite?
May 6, 2018

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an online digital marketplace. You can choose all different assortment of digital online goods, imagine walking into a grocery aisle at your favorite store, but they mostly carry digital products, usually information that pertains to your particular needs.

Clickbank has lots of online digital products that you can choose from. It is automatically sorted by popularity, but I like to sort by gravity.

What does gravity means?

Gravity means the number of affiliates that are selling this product and earning a commissions, usually the higher the number, the more competition. I try to shoot for a higher number above 50, but you’re welcome to choose any products that you believe you can promote, it usually mean lower competition.

Yesterday when I came back from my therapy session, I logged into my Clickbank dashboard. To my surprise, there’s $55.99 from one product that I’d promoted. That means someone bought some digital products.

Promoting this product is easy, all you have to do is signed in with your Clickbank account and click the promote button.

Next, you will create a hoplink with your affiliate login. The bottom part is known to track your affiliate link. This is optional, but If you have traffic coming from blog, then you can put blog or bl for short, this is for you to keep reference of.

Once you hit CREATE, you will be presented with two links, make sure to copy the top one, this is called a hoplink. This is the url to the sales page where you will earn a commission. I usually create a new tab in my browser and paste this hoplink to make sure the correct sales page with my affiliate id are on the url.

Now you need to drive traffic to that url and get paid when they buy your digital goods. Sometimes, it will take paid or organic traffic to your landing page offer.

What I do different this time?

Instead of sending the users directly to this url link, which is a rookie mistake, I first send them to a landing page to capture their email then I forward them the hoplink. Otherwise, they can hop the link, get it! Huh hah!

If they hop the link, then you can’t follow up with them with your setup email sequence. Make sure to get their name and required email. Don’t be a rookie like me and make this early mistake.

Finally, once your target audience buy on that link or landing page, you will get a commission, sometimes it can be up to 75 percent.

That’s it!

How to Make Money on Clickbank?

Here is a recap as you can review these steps that help me earn my first commission as an affiliate on Clickbank.

  1. Sign up as an affiliate on Clickbank, this is FREE!
  2. You can scour their inventory and select the digital product that you want want to promote from different categories. These are the three niches that you want to narrow down your search, to me these are the most profitable, but don’t let this list deter you.
    • E-Busisness & E-Marketing
    • Health and Fitness.
    • Self-Help
  3. Next, click promote to get your hoplink, make sure to get the top one.
  4. Instead of sending your users or target audience directly to your promoted url or hoplink, send them to a landing page.
    • How to create a landing page?
      • Luckily, for me my email marketing client with Mailerlite provided this for me, but I’m switching back to Convertkit. You can use Builderall to create your landing page, sales page, squeeze page, and more… It’s a better option then Clickfunnels when starting out. Clickfunnels cheapest solution is almost twice as much then the premier business solution with Builderall. Especially, for someone new like me. And their most affordable solution is only $9.950 a month. I don’t know how long this price will last. Read more about Builderall here.
  5. Capture the user’s name and email, this is optional, an email is suffice.
  6. Redirect the users to your url.
  7. Once they buy, you can earn a commission, this could be up to 75 percent.

! I hope you earn your first commission on Clickbank by following these steps. I’m fairly new to Internet Marketing and if I left something out, please provide your comments below…

I can tweak my online game!

[Note: These are my affiliate links, I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you.]



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