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How to Earn Multiple Streams of Income from One Clickbank Product?

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Ever wonder how to consistently earn a commission every month that are both passive and reliable from  multiple streams of income? Even as a beginner Internet Marketer or a season pro? I had a good commission last month but it was one and done. 

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How did these season pro do it? They did it with multiple streams of income! Do you want to learn how?

Today, I’m going to review a Clickbank product call “The FourPercent.”

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At first, I was a little skeptical and didn’t buy into the program for a dollar. It wasn’t until this Internet Marketer provided a tutorial training on how to earn your first commission on Clickbank? You will be provided with this same tutorial. Do you want to earn your first commission online?

How you can earn multiple streams of income? 

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It cost me $1 dollar for a 7-day trial, I was like great what do I have to lose! More coffee, righ? Like any new online service, I’d clicked and browse around, got familiar with the platform. I wanted to get an air of familiarity before I dive into the first session.

This product was different then most Clickbank product, it were extremely high quality, well organise, and greatly put together. There was something different about this program  You will get intimate with Vick…as he will go over the session with you  He is the founder and product owner of The FourPercent Group.

My notes on the first 7-days $1 trial. 

In session

  1. Who’s Vick Strizheus? Vick did an introduction of himself as he is the founder of the FourPercent group.. What’s the FourPercent? How valuable you’ll become after “The Challenge.” Your goal  is to make $10,000 a month.
    1. Complete your profile.
    2. Complete a quick survey.
    3. Mark session completion.
  2. Vick asked what do you really want? He mentioned that in 3-5 years, you are the books you read and the people you listen to. We run on habis, we are program by repetition. We do this by condition. Get clear on your objective.
    1. Watch Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret twice. This will reprogram your subconscious mind for success.
    2. Creating Your Personal Goal Card. You will want to write down your goals on a business size card, laminate from getting damage, and carry around with you.
    3. Review and complete today’s action steps.
    4. Mark session completion.
  1. Laying down the foundation emotional and intellectual. Vick mentioned that he was middle class and not very special. He had blind faith and was obedience. What is a metaphorical success pill? You have greatness locked within you.
    1. Goals & Direction. Review your goals that you have written in day 2.
    2. Watch The Strangest Secret In The World
    3. Let’s Talk Money! Conditioned your mind. Vick was a millionaire beforehand and nobody could tell him otherwise. Order the menu from left to right instead of right to left. Money is an idea. Money is as important as the food that you eat. Change your paradigm. There is a law. Your subscious mind just runs on autopilot and conditioning.
    4. Action Steps. Focus on growing yourself.
    5. Mark session completion.
  1. Why do some people succeed and some fail? Successful people don’t need to flash. What is freedom? We think in pictures. What is the the 80/20 principle? 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. What is the fence and how to cross it? Confused mind don’t take action.
    1. Direction & Goals. Look at your goal, if it don’t scare you, then it’s not big enough.
    2. Watch The Strangest Secret In The World
    3. How To GET MONEY? Vick shows his commission from multiple sources.
    4. Action Steps. Review today’s goal.
    5. Mark session completion.
  1. A man without a plan is like a ship without a course. Reinforce your goal. Vick go over the four percent if you bring two people a day for 90 days.
    1. Review Your Goals.
    2. Watch The Strangest Secret In The World
    3. Activate Multiple Streams of Income. The four percent ecosystem. How to become a promotional partner of the four percent? Sign up as an affiliate to Clickfunnels, Clickmagick, etc…
    4. Action Steps. Review today’s goal.
    5. Mark session completion.
  1. Vick look at stats and people dropout the course because they fear of making financial changes as they go back to their comfort zone. Vick explained that after the $1 trial, it is $49/month, but he wants to be transparent and you can cancel anytime. Lifetime membership of the four percent challenge is is $497. Mass Promotion Engineering as a bonus when you upgrade to a lifetime membership.
    1. Get out your personal goal card and take the next 5 minutes to review and think about your goal that’s written on that card. Put yourself in a relaxed state both physically and emotionally as you visualize yourself already in possession of that Think and feel like you would if your goal was already achieved. Hold this in your mind and have fun with this! Remember, your subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.
    2. Watch The Strangest Secret In The World
    3. Take This Quick Survey
    4. Commit, Save Money and Get Your Free Bonus. I’ve committed to the program as a lifetime member on day 2, so I’ll receive Mass Promotion Engineering as a bonus for free (value at $497)
    5. Mark session completion.
  1. Cross the imaginary line, moving forward. Everyday there’s a million dollar idea. Have an open mind, have an open heart. Act like your customer. What’s marketing? It is transfer of emotions. Invest in yourself.
    1. Direction & Goals. If you can imagined, you can have it. Your subconscious  can not tell the difference.
    2. Watch  The Strangest Secret In The World
    3. Must have tools for a successful campaign. Believe in your product. Be a promotional partner to run with Vick Vick is promoting The Challenge. Ideas and strategy don’t change, but tactic will. What’s traffic? Traffic are people. Connect the people with the product. You need some basic fundamental tools.
      • Tools you’ll need, email responded, build an email list
      • Marketing tool to track ads – clickmagick
      • Custom Landing pages- clickfunnels (must have, like gasoline in the car)
      • Be a promotional partner of the Four Percent Challenge (optional)
    4. Action Steps
      1. Here are your action steps for today:
        1. . Think deep about today’s million-dollar idea “Act like you want your customers to act.”
        2. Review your goal card.
        3. Listen to The Strangest Secret fully and completely
        4. At  the necessary tools for successful campaign launch:
        5. That’s it! Once you have this done, please proceed to the final step and complete today’s session.
    5. Mark session completion.
  2. And beyond…
    • Step-by-step, over the shoulder Training with Vick

How to Earn Multiple Streams of Income from One Clickbank Product Pinterest


  • Millionaire Mentor
  • Re-program your subconscious mind for success
  • Step-by-step over the shoulder training
  • Monthly passive residual income or multiple streams of income
  • $1 7-day trial
  • Done-for-you email swipe that create value and build trust
  • Done-for-you landing pages
  • Done-for-you sale funnel with clickfunnels
  • Master Online Traffic
  • Track user clicks with clickmagic


  • Promotional partner or an affiliate may be expensive ($197 to promote the product)
  • This Challlenge is $497 lifetime membership or $49/month
  • Internet Connection and a computer
  • Many different sign-ups to different online products
  • Internal products upsell may be pricey
    • Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM, lowest introductory offer $997, 60% discount, suggested retail price $2497)
    • E-stage (This is your online web presence, cost $497. Check out Crete and Go on Launching Your Blog at fraction of the price at $97 )




My final thoughts

Is this a skam? Or, another one of those get-rich program? Neither! Going through the program, you can tell Vick is both genuine and transparent. He is a Russian immigrant and once was in major debt, but he had a mentor and a profound imagination.

His mentor told him to listen to Earl Nightingale “The Strangest Secret.” He turn around his poverty stricken life  It took him 10  years to put this program together and now teaching regular everyday people to become successful. He badly wants you to become successful, that’s why he formed the FourPercent group. So you got to ask yourself, “Are you up for The Challenge?” 

Vick mention about his program “The Challenge,  after that you’ll 10x your goal for Level  2, making $100,000 then 10x some more for Level 3, you’ll be making $1,000,000… He will recommend some basic fundamental tools that you will need anyways if you want to make money online. The basic fundamental tools if you want to make money online are:

These tools are hands down the best in the industry and each tool has a free trial period.. That’s how you will earn multiple streams of income for as long as your customer stays,.

I’ll end it with a quote from Earl Nightingale  “We become what we think about.”

We become what we think about.

==> You may check out the program here <==

How to Earn Multiple Streams of Income from One Clickbank Product l


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To your success,

Rodney Nguyen

Founder “You Khanh Do It!”

[Note: These are my affiliate links so I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you.]