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How Stupid Excited When My New Blog Made Money?

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Let me preface my writing adventure with my new blog.

I started my blogging journey back in August of 2017, one month after my release date from the hospital. You see, I suffered a massive hemorrhage stroke, so I’m grateful to be alive.

When I started my blog, I heard some bloggers were making this ridiculous amount of money, sometimes monthly. The program I bought from Alex and Lauren, Making Money Blogging for Beginners was the most I would ever spent online. I needed help and guidance, so I purchased their online course back in mid February of this year.

Before their online course, I blog posted about my therapy session and I scattered affiliate links in the post like booby traps. I was hoping someone trip over my wire and decided to purchase my products. That never happen! I was heavily advertising with Amazon as an affiliate and Google Adsense. But the money never came, and the most I made in a day was off of my Adsense campaign.

What plugin that I initially I used to make money online?

There is a plugin called Ad Inserter that I used with having advertisement on my small blog site. I highly discouraged this strategy for upcoming bloggers. It takes away from the user experience unless your site has a lot of traffic.

Alex and Lauren blogging journey were not to far from mine. They started in 2016. It has been less than two years. They started with a fitness blog called Avocadu. Actually they struggled for four months before they made their first monthly income and it wasn’t much but they had a hunch that they were onto something grand.

When I left the hospital, their other blog at Create and Go made 5 figure a month and they documented their journey. Originally, they offer a lot of free and great resources on their website that I didn’t need to buy. I have a degree in Computer Science and I had put together a WordPress site for my clients all the time in the past.

What was my first online course?

I was a little snobbish of their success and thought I could figure out things on my own. But I cave in back in February and bought their course on Making Money Blogging for Beginners. I did a review and you can read about it here.

They did an excellent job job with the course, and it was well structure and organized. They took a newbie like me step by step. Their outline explain how the online world work.

It was like a whole new universe as my eyes were open to learn different things. How come everybody doesn’t knows about this? The course information was so valuable! I thought they could charge more, but I bought the course and invested in myself.

About you, my audience.

Throughout the course, it was no longer about me but about you. It was a paradigm shift in my belief that I took down advertising all together. I started to revamp this site and started all over back in mid February of 2018. I took down all my old posts and set it on private. I put myself in the mind of my users and walk in your shoes. I questioned myself,  “Would my audience like this or that?” I learned it wasn’t about me about, but about we, my audience, my tribe… Whoo Ah!

I’m far from perfect and still learning. Now I write more with my audience in mind, and my heart to ?

After the course, Alex presented the idea of being an affiliate and all I had to do was be personal and describe my experience with the program. I did and you could  read more about it here. I signed up to be their affiliate as I did an honest review about their program.

How did I found out on how much I earned?

Usually I scoured my emails newsfeed in gmail before my therapy session and came across this message just last week.

How Stupid Excited When My New Blog Made Money 1

I was stupid excited as I was screaming to my mom, I made money on my blog!

I’m showing you this picture not to boost or brag, but as evidence that you can do it too. That amount was the most i made in one day, I was pinching myself like was this for reals, how come everybody is not doing this?

I made 50›% commission of that amount and netted over three hundred dollars, after fees and split commission. Not bad from waking up in the morning, and this happen all passive while I was asleep!

What this person purchased?

He/she got the Pro Blogger Bundle. What does that entail? Basically, the Pro Blogger Bundle has everything for your blog. If you buy them individually it would cost you more. Here’s the mathematical breakdown:

The Pro Blogger Bundle is $647, but if you buy each individual package, it would cost you a total of $788.

Pro Blogger Bundle-mi

Make Money Blogging for Beginners by Create and Go - Small

Six-Figure Blogger-mi



Blog Monetization Bundle-mi

[Note: These are my affiliate links for Create and Go school so I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you.]

How Stupid Excited When My New Blog Made Money 3

My final thoughts!

I was so happy that I told my therapist. They were baffled like how did you do it? Most stroke victims just try to be healthy again, and most don’t like to get up and do work. Let me remind you before my stroke, I was a workaholic. You got to ask yourself, “Can you earn money online?” My answer would be, Yes you can!

Anyhow, I recommend checking out Alex and Laura courses. They did an excellent job of walking you through step A-Z.

And can you earn passive income online? I proved to you that I ‘Khanh’ Do It, so can you!

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To your success,


Rodney Nguyen

Founder “You Khanh Do It!”

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