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How I Failed Miserably At Affiliate Marketing

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How I Failed Miserably At Affiliate Marketing

How I Failed Miserably At Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing: Best of Both

First, I scoured the web for business opportunities and came across this youtube influencer. He stated that he made $60,000 a month in affiliate commission, so I was intrigued and signed up to his emailing list.

I came across his email that promises 100 to 300 leads per day. I opened the email and it lead me to a pre-launch opportunity to the Finish Line network.

I quickly signed up with my information because entering the PreLaunch was free. I joined Finish Line Network because they combine affiliate marketing with network marketing. I thought this was the best of both.

My quick pitch of affiliate marketing and network marketing are selling digital online products and having people you recruited underneath you do the same thing. You earn a percentage of the commission for each time you make a sale. The cool thing is that you don’t have to create the product or service the customer. You get paid by providing the referral. This is the ultimate form of leverage in my humble opinion; they are best of both.

The influencer provided a funnel using Clickfunnels which I already had. His strategy was to drive traffic to the opt-in form and landing page with Udimi.


Create sale funnels, landing pages, opt-ins that integrate with your email service provider and more…

For my opt-in service I recommend using ConvertKit. This is my email service provider that integrates really well with Clickfunnels.

Udimi is an open marketplace where you order clicks or traffic based off of other people list. This is also known as Solo Ads.

I ran some traffic using Udimi but most of my leads came from Bing search ads. Although I had setup my traffic from Top Tier countries, Bing gave me citizen of African countries.

If you don’t know what Top Tier countries are, it supposed to contain New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and the United States.

This is known as the Top Tier English speaking countries with cash in hand to spend. Although I wanted 100% of my traffic coming from USA, Bing gave me low tier traffic from non-English speaking countries like Japan and Africa.

I got ten days or less before the pre-launch ends. I kept running traffic to my landing page that I created in Clickfunnels. Before the pre-launch ended, I got about five hundred people in my downline.

This time I’m not selling diet powder or weight loss solutions but online digital products. In the previous networking company, I had one member in my downline.

There were days I dominated the leader board leading up to the day of the big launch. I received badges each time I level up which made it all exciting as my team and recruitment grew.

I was surprised that I passed my upline on the leaderboard. I joined Finish Line Network for the leverage and online business opportunity. Apparently, my non-English speaking recruited downline didn’t feel the same.

I went All-in with the bundle but left empty handed when my sponsored downline didn’t invested in the digital online products.

The price of the All-in bundle was $4,997, the price of a small used Toyota Corolla. This included the Silver & Gold package, plus ePod, and a Digital Domination event ticket to Tampa, Florida in January, 2019.

I felt a big part of me was lost after this huge investment, that was why I didn’t post a blog article for several months.

Don’t Buy the Hype: The Shiny Object Syndrome

I was surely recoup my initial investment, oh boy I was wrong! When no one joined me although I won the Gold package for posting a testimony with the Finish Line network.

Yes, I was excited to hear that I won the Gold package. When I went to claim my prize value at $130/month, I thought I got a refund but the company leader told me to pass it down to my downline.

I did try to give my prize away but most of them were beginners who had no background or budgets to run an ad.

There was a lot of hype leading up to the big launch in Finish Line Network. “Money like speed” echoed one of top member. I was one week away from new version of The Challenge. They called themselves “The Success Challenge” in version 3. I was impatient as I had the shiny object syndrome.

One day, I purchased a thousand views on one of my youtube video only to discover the price of FLN members went up five dollars the next day.

One of the top member already owned as a service. He created a different site for FLN members and charged an extra five buck for the same service. I felt they were incentivizing FLN members and not to help us to genuinely succeed.

Also if you decide to buy and run traffic to your links, Finish Line Network members were recommended to use their internal service called the Traffic Authority. Traffic Authority charged one dollar a click. That was a premium price to pay especially they were a traffic broker.

When a founding member shouted ‘I will toss in 500 Free Clicks’ if you invested in the All-in package, I bought in that promised in the early beginning. When I went to claim my 500 clicks as I invested in the All-in bundle, I was told I could get the 500 free clicks after my initial order.

That’s a-lot of money for a beginner like me! That was an extra five hundred dollars.

Insensitive to user cost, poor customer service, and the products were poorly layout, the hype of this company was quickly deflated after being in the new venture for several months.

What I learned?

  • Get it in Writing
  • Ask The Community
  • Back To Basic

Get it in Writing

A lot of times we get caught up in the excitement and throw our hard earn dollars at the solution only to be let down. To combat this situation from promises that wasn’t deliver were to have it in writing.

Having a clear cut concise on what was promise on paper is better than false jargon. I fell for the jargon. They should kept their promise and over deliver.

Ask the Community

Chances are that people talk. Don’t feel like you are on an island, ask around. A mentor once told me a close mouth don’t get fed. Chances are if it is happening to you, it is happening to somebody else too.

Finish Line Network has a vibrant Facebook Community group in the initial stages. Ask your questions in the community. Hopefully a member can help and answer your questions.

Back to Basic

You will learn the basic fundamental of what it takes to have a good online business in less than a week of The Success Challenge. They are more impactful and compact in version 3.

I’m going to apply what I learned from The 4 Percent “The Success Challenge”. That’s email marketing with ConvertKit, landing pages with Clickfunnels, and link tracking software like Clickmagick.


Track your links and provide analytics. Track And Optimize All Your Marketing, All In One Place

The value was not worth my investment with Finish Line Network. They hand out a lot of cookie cutter templates. It was an expensive lesson learned!

My Final Thoughts

I recommend before joining a brand new opportunity is to do some research and let the company mature. I got caught up with the smoke and mirrors only to be disappointed. This is my fault and I’m disgusted with the outcome.

It was one week away from the updated third version of The Success Challenge. I was stuck on session 34 for a long while. I was impatient with the hiatus but I like the new challenge.

I failed miserably at the Finish Line Network. I felt the top leaders were out to make as much profit for themselves. My upline was no where to be found after the launch. The company was insensitive to user’s pricing and product.

Overall, I regretted my decision to make this investment and stick to making this blog great!

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