How Affiliate Marketing Works Step By Step - You Khanh Do It!

How Affiliate Marketing Works Step By Step

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How Affiliate Marketing Works Step By Step

[This post may contain affiliate links, I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer]

This is my high level overview in Funnelytics, a free resource I used.

Step 1: Get an affiliate offer

To get started, I must first find an affiliate offer to promote. I signed up with Clickbank because it is easy to get started.

Goto Clickbank to create a free account.

Once you get your free account, login, and goto the toolbar section of the top page, select “Marketplace.”

Click on the magnifying glass to bring the top offers on Clickbank. If you select any offers to promote, stick with these niches: health, wealth, and relationships.

This will populate the most popular results on Clickbank. Let’s choose Ez Battery in our example.

The average price per sale is $48.54 and the gravity score is around 155.35. The gravity score represents the number of affiliates earn a commission within the past month. The higher the gravity score the better.

*A good rule of thumb is picking an affiliate product to promote with a gravity score above 30.

Let’s do some research on the “Affiliate Page.” Next, enter your email for more resources.

On the top menu, you can click on “Banner/Images” to download the images that you will use on Facebook. You will also discover your target audiences under “Demographics.”



Most sales and the best conversion rates are typically proportional to age group (the older the better). The most sales come from these age groups (in order):

  1. 65+ (converting extremely well right now)
  2. 55-64 (converting extremely well right now)
  3. 45-54 (converting well right now)
  4. 35-44
  5. 25-34
  6. 18-24

*note: ages 18-44 are converting well also; however, they don’t convert quite as well as older age groups. Some of the target markets in the “Target Market” section below skew younger (like the electronics enthusiasts niche). So don’t worry as much about targeting age when you’re specifically targeting niches because if you properly target the niche, then all ages within that niche will convert really well. However, these age demographics will be helpful if you do large/broad media buys because targeting slightly older ages will yield better results.

Go back to the marketplace to promote your offer. 

Once you fill out your “Account Nickname” and “Tracking ID” which is optional. you will get a long and ugly affiliate link that is unique to you. Copy your affiliate link to clipboard.

That’s how easy it is to get your affiliate link to promote on Clickbank!

Your affiliate link would look something like this.

Step 2: How to use Canva?

I use a free website resource call Canva. If you haven’t done so, you can create a free account. You can create a design from the many pre-made templates on Canva

On the upper right hand corner, you can create a custom dimension. Make your dimension 1080×1920, this is the size for most Facebook or Instagram Stories.

On the left of the page, I chose ”Elements.” I created a circle and square. You can use the search to quickly find your elements. 

I overlay my text above my now rectangle element in Canva. I then copy to create a duplicate by clicking this button. I rearrange the text location and swap out the image without the major changes. I save a lot of time using this strategy.

You can get these images by searching in google ‘swipe up png’ or download them here. Here are my final creations in Canva.

Download Original File Size

Step 3: How To Build A Landing Page Using Clickfunnels

I switch over from Builderall to Clickfunnels, simply because it just works. I found out that Builderall was too buggy and it was gear for user with intermediate level or greater. 

I love Clickfunnels because it works out-the-box for a beginner like me. You have a 14 Day free trial. I will give you a full honest review of Clickfunnels.

You will need a landing page in between the offer/sales page, this is also known as a squeeze/opt-in page. Facebook disallow direct linking, taking the user to the offer/sales page. If you do this often, your ad account may be banned.

That’s why we need a landing page, and most service allow this method.


Create sale funnels, landing pages, opt-ins that integrate with your email service provider and more…

Also, here I will provide you with my landing pages that I used in this lesson.

I add the Facebook disclaimer at the bottom of the landing pages to stay complaint with Facebook.

On the EZ Battery Redirect To Sales Page, copy the url link.

I also use Google Keep to store all my notes. Its great to keep all my notes in one place. You can download a mobile app for your Iphone or Android. It works in your browser as well and there’s a Chrome extension.

Do the same for your landing pages. These are my notes.

EZ Battery Affiliate Offer Link

EZ Battery V1 Landing Page

EZ Battery V2 Landing Page

EZ Battery Redirect to Sales Page

Next choose EZ Battery V1, and select “Edit Page.”

In the “Edit Page”, click on the big yellow button where it says, “Click Here To Watch Video.”

It will bring up “Set Action.”  Click on the green button to set action for the button.

Paste the url link of your redirect page that you just copied.

Finally, click outside of this box to close the window. Click “Save” on the upper right hand corner and “Preview” to test your new changes. You should see an empty page with a swirling wait image once you click on the yellow button.

On the upper left corner, click the “Exit” to get out the page.

Select version 2 and edit page to open.

I got this survey template from Colin Dijs. He made over $217.384.00 using this sweepstake survey template.

You can find his youtube channel here.

And the link to his video where he fully explained how to use it, here.

Click on the center of the survey to bring up “Edit Survey Options” on your right.

Click on the green button to “Edit Survey Options.”

Once you click the green button, there are 4 columns, select “Outcomes.”

This is where “Default Outcome Action” comes up. Click on it. 

This is where you want to paste your url link to your EZ Battery Redirect To Sale Page link. You can either choose to paste your url link to “Loading Page Redirect” or “Instant Page Redirect.”

Finally “Save” and “Preview” your work. Go through and answers all the questions. Make sure you see the big swirly wait icon at the end.

Step 5: How To Use Clickmagick

I use Clickmagick to track my clicks. It is like shooting darts in the dark without this tool. With Clickmagick, you can track, analyze, and keep statistics of all your clicks.


Track your links and provide analytics. Track And Optimize All Your Marketing, All In One Place

Once you sign up and login, you’ll be taken to your dashboard.

Next click on “Links” on top of the page.

You have a choice, you can either click the question mark tool or hover “Tools” → “Domain Manager.”

This brings up your “Link and Rotator Groups.” Let’s create a “New Link Group” call “EZ Battery.” Click on the green button to “Create Group.”

After you get this message where you “Link Group Created Successfully!” Click “Links” to go back.

Under “All Link Groups, select “EZ Battery.” On the upper right, “Create New Link.”

This is where you copy and paste your landing page links to Clickmagick.

Congratulations! You have created your first link in Clickmagick. Click on the gear to the right of the link and scroll down to select “Split Testing.”

Make sure you give the URL Name, call it “Version 2”, paste the other url link of the landing page, and give it a weight of 50, finally click on the green button to “Add URL.” 

Close the screen on the bottom left corner. Next, create a new link.

Paste the url link of your affiliate offer, it may be ugly and something like this. Click on the green button to “Create Link.”

EZ Battery Affiliate Offer Link

This is where you copy your newly created link, I add this my Google Notes.

Clickmagick EZ Battery Tracking Offer

Clickmagick EZ Battery Landing Page

Go back into Clickfunnels, select your EZ Battery Redirect page, then “Edit Page.”

Click on “Custom Javascript / HTML”, then “Open Code Editor.”

Paste your Clickmagick EZ Battery Tracking Offer URL Link right where it says url. Close, Save the page and Exit.

*Note: If you get a 400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large nginx, Reset your browser cookies and cache. This happen to me in Chrome

How to track your pixels in Clickmagick?

Goto “Tools” → “Tracking Pixels” → “Pixel Builder” 

Where it asks, “What do you want to track?”  “You can select the default “Actions” but I like to choose “Engagements.”

Copy that “Engagement Tracking Pixel” on the bottom of the page. You have a choice between “Image/HTML” or “Javascript.” I kept mine as “Image/HTML.”

Go back into Clickfunnels EZ Battery Redirect page. Sect “Settings” → “Tracking Code”, paste your “Image/HTML” from Clickmagick into the “Header” section.

Close the screen and click on “Save.”

How to track sales from Clickbank on Clickmagick?

This is more advanced for most but I will steer in the right direction for help. Clickmagick has a wealth of great resources and tons of valuable information.

Click on “Help” → “Knowledge Base” to seek guidance.

*These are my notes but feel free to use them.

Add javascript to footer code

<script type='text/javascript' src='//'></script>

Add Query String to “Primary Url” for Offer


?tid=[clickid] ← For Clickbank

In our case, we will add a question mark ‘?’ instead of an ampersand ‘&’.

Original EZ Battery Affiliate Offer Link

New EZ Battery Affiliate Offer Link[clickid]

Click on “Save Changes” and proceed.

Step 6: How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

We got everything setup from Step 1 to Step 5. If you are not sure how, review the steps or ask me questions down below, and I’ll be glad to help.

Here I’m going to assume that you have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one it’s already free. With a free account, Facebook ad manager is also free.

We are sending real people to your landing pages, and if they make a purchased, you will earn a commission on Clickbank. So, we need traffic?

How we access Facebook ad manager?

Login to your Facebook account and click on “Manage Ads” on the top right hand corner.

You can select your account name, like so…Or select “Facebook Ads” → “Ad Manager”

Next, let’s create a new campaign. Click on the green button to “Create.”

Facebook is going to ask, “What’s your marketing objectives?” For our “Consideration”, we choose “Traffic.” We are going to flood traffic to our landing page.

Let’s call our campaign “EZ Battery.” Click “Continue” to proceed.

For the Ad Set Name, I called it “US – MALE  DIY – 35+” I did this based on my target demographics listed in the information of my affiliate product.

Skip over the section that says “Create Custom Audience” and go to this.

I choose these: 

  • Locations: People who live in this location
  • Age: 35-65+
  • Gender: Male
  • Languages: English (All)
  • Detailed Targeting: Do it yourself (DIY)
  • Connections: Add a connection type (I left it on default)

I “Edit Placements” and went with only “Mobile” Devices.

For Placements, I unchecked everything and selected “Instagram Stories.”

For “Budget and Schedule”, I choose the following…

Optimization for Ad Delivery: Landing Page View

Budget and Schedule: Daily Budget $5.00

Click on the blue button to “Continue…”

On the last page name your ad “Family.” This is where we will upload our ad that were created in Canva. For “Identity”, I assume you have a Fan page and Instagram account. If not, follow the instructions on Facebook, it is easy.

On ‘Media,” I uploaded the first image I created on Canva. make sure it is 1080×1920 for instagram stories.

Since it is an Instagram Stories, we don’t have to provide the “Primary Text.” We just paste the “Website URL” of our landing page we created in Clickmagick.

Finally, for our Tracking URL Parameters add this:


Before I hit the green button to ‘Confirm,” on the bottom right corner, my Audience size is 3.4M. 

*A good rule of thumb is to keep your audience around 50,000-5M people. Keep your “Potential Reach” small. The smaller the better.

Duplicate the Family ad.

Make 1 copy, and change, the Family, then upload the image of the Battery ad that we created in Canva.

Our new Tracking URL Parameters.


Hit the green “Publish” button and close out the window.

Finally, you should have 2 ads running.

Final Thoughts

I walk you through the entire process of how affiliate marketing works step by step. I hope this tutorial training seeks you well. I use this same strategy for most of my campaign on Facebook.

A good marketing budget is around 60-80% of your sale price before you turn off a campaign if you make no sales. Let’s say the average sale price is $48 dollars. Your marketing budget should be around $76-86 dollars.

Remember, what I show you is for educational purposes and I can’t guarantee any success. My goal is to show you a way to start affiliate marketing. If you have any questions or comments, ask me down below. Best of luck!

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