Brutally Honest Review of Four Percent “The Success Challenge” Version 3 - You Khanh Do It!

Brutally Honest Review of Four Percent “The Success Challenge” Version 3

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July 19, 2019
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Brutally Honest Review of Four Percent “The Success Challenge” Version 3

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I did a google search for “make money online” opportunities where I could work from home and due to my disability from my stroke, I can’t work a day job.

I can start a blog like this one or create a Youtube channel. It’s free if you create a Youtube channel while a blog might set you back a good domain name and hosting.

If you need to start a lucrative blog, I walk you through a step-by-step process on how to do so, check it out here → Start your blog today!

I initially wrote some blog articles and even made a profit after my third month. You can read it here → How Stupid Excited When My New Blog Made Money?

I should have kept on blogging but I lack the depth and experience in my niche of affiliate marketing. Now I’ve greater clarity and knowledge in this space.

I can’t pinpoint the direction I was going: Creating a Youtube Channel or Blogging

All I knew was making some side passive income.

After many failed attempts of Creating a Successful Youtube channel, I give blogging a second go. I realize I can’t speak that well or fast in my videos but I can write. I will try again once I establish my speech to create a successful Youtube channel.

I watched a lot of Youtube videos on how to make money online. I came across this gentleman promising how to earn multiple streams of income from one Clickbank product? I was interested and signed up to his list.

*Note – This product is no longer on Clickbank. They now have their own payment processor.

There he show his user how to setup ConvertKit, Clickfunnels, and Clickmagick. It was great how these software all tied with each other. I did something similar and show you how affiliate marketing works step by step. The only thing I didn’t tie in was ConvertKit but you can use other auto email responder like Getresponse or Aweber.

I quickly learned that promoting one online affiliate product is better than having a job.

How is this possible? I love my job.

I’m not telling you to quit your work, actually from the truth. What I’m telling it all changed for me. You can say it was a wake up call after I experience a stroke.

I love my programming job too and had a successful side consulting gig. 

How To Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

4 Percent “The Success Challenge” taught me to be a successful entrepreneur by showing me how to setup multiple streams of income and explain how to do so. 

You can’t work your entire life and be successful without having multiple streams of income. 

This is the power of multiple streams of income and how the program will help you set it up. 

These online softwares are part of the ever growing ecosystem in “The Success Challenge” Multiple Streams Of Income (MSI). It is recommended to setup your MSI before you begin your journey in “The Success Challenge.

These are affiliate products that you will eventually use. You can see the power of setting multiple streams of income vs a typical 9-5 job.

Let me demonstrate.

If you have work a regular 9-5 job, then you have only one source of income.

But if you recommend one product like The Success Challenge, then it will recommend other products in its ecosystem.

You see the speed of wealth is magnified by this approach. Imagine having greater leverage of your time. You can’t do this with a regular 9-5 job. This is the power of having Multiple Streams of Income (MSI). 

Are you making money while sleeping?

Setup your MSI and check out  “The Success Challenge.”

Why Entrepreneurship Is Hard?

I failed more than I succeed. I was fired from countless jobs and many failed business ventures. What makes me unique is that I keep going into my next opportunities with my upbeat positive attitude and optimism.

Yes entrepreneurship is hard! Like no one is going to motivate me to write this blog post. There’re aren’t a lot of clubs to join for fail opportunities.

I can see it now like an Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting…Raising my hand and taking an oath…Hi, my name is Rodney and I’m a failure….

Sorry, I digress.

The point is there are not many community to join for fail opportunities. You probably want to stick your head in the sand or hide.

It’s hard to find an online program that you can relate to. I’m glad to discover the 4 Percent Success Challenge.

Vick Strizheus, the founder of the 4 percent group, explained that he failed his way to success. He also got a mentor and meticulously listen to every advice without questioning his motives.

His goal was to be successful like his mentor.

If his mentor said jump, he would say how high? He wanted to be successful and willing to do anything it takes.

There are few programs on the market that will teach you about online entrepreneurship. I had the shiny object syndrome on How I Failed Miserably At Affiliate Marketing.

The Success Challenge teaches you to have a Success Mindset, Affiliate Marketing, and How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

It will show you how to drive traffic to your site and make money as an online affiliate. 

I like how honest and transparent Vick is by saying, “If you fail in your business, you have no one else to blame but yourself.”

This conventional wisdom is true and difficult to swallow about yourself.

But if you are an aspiring entrepreneur let that not deter or stop you. Let Vick be your mentor and guide you in The Success Challenge.

Daily Success Pill

You are given a daily success pill, this is not your physical pill that you take but daily training for your brain. It’s like medicine! 😂

It’s like taking a daily shower, washing all of your past failures – making you wholesome, clean, and new for success. 

I like this version of The Success Challenge because it is more efficient by condensing the training. You can imagine in less than a week, or 7 days, you’ll have set up a landing page, write emails for your autoresponder, and run online traffic to your web business. 

There is a daily section and you got 2-minutes to write down your goals. I like to think that this is my 2-minutes manifestation. Here are some of my goals:

  • Make lots of passive income 
  • Travel and eat good food like Guy Fieri
  • Inspire others 
  • Have a beach house 
  • Drive a Red Ferrari 488 GTB 

The more concrete and specific your goals are, the better your vision. 

Never Give Up! 

You will make it to your goals and dreams if you never give up! Watch the video of a struggling cub making his way to his mom on top of the mountain. This happen in session 5.

Take it from me, even with my stroke and typing this with my left hand, never give up on yourself. Dig deep and find a way. If you’re living and breathing, there’s always a solution.

This online program is like the navy seals training for entrepreneurs. Do you want to be a select group of highly successful individual? 

Join The 4 Percent!

Made The Cut

This website “You Khanh Do It” made it in Vick’s Hub Reviews. If you watch session 20, under Hub Reviews at 29:45s mark, then you see Vick gave my website an honest evaluation.

What you think of the improvements I’ve made? I’m open ears…Provide your comments or suggestions down below.

This was a proud moment knowing that I made the cut in Vick’s training. There’re tons of students that he randomly chooses from, I truly hope that you get pick.

There are levels as you climb your way to success. There are 3 levels and in each level there are 30 daily success pills. You will pass level one if you earn $10,000 a month. Vick stated this is the hardest level of all the other levels.

Once you pass this level, you are on level 2 making $100,000 a month. And can you guess what level 3 is?

$1,000,000 a month…You are very rare my friend.

Not too many people reach this level but the idea is to 10x your goals.

Whatever your goals are, make sure you are happy and financially abundant. Your define your own level of success. Your financial statement is only a scorecard of a by product of the valuable person that you have become and by serving your fellow people.

There are other core products that Vick recommend in The Success Challenge. You will need Internet Traffic Mastery – traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

Vick also recommend to pick up E-Stage but I customize my own site. Get it if you like the solution out of the box. I went a different direction because I was a web developer.

Vick like to end the lesson by having his user to listen to Earl Nightingale “The Strangest Secret.”

You will retrain your subconscious mind for success. Hopefully you can do this at the end of each training. Vick stated that your subconscious mind was program at birth to age seven. By listening to Earl Nightingale for 30 days straight, your subconscious mind is reconditioned for success.


  • More efficient by condensing the training
  • Success mindset for entrepreneur
  • Let Vick be your mentor
  • Real world training with over the shoulder training no more theory
  • Community of online entrepreneurs 
  • Multiple streams of income 
  • Become an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur 

More efficient by condensing the training

I enjoy this new version of The Success Challenge because Vick help you setup a successful campaign in less than a week. He didn’t do this until the third week in the previous program. 

Success mindset for entrepreneur

You take daily shower right? You need to wash away all the guck and filth of the previous day, same thing goes for your mind. Each success pill is loaded with audio and video to cleanse your dirty mind for success. 

Let Vick be your mentor

Everybody needs a great mentor. I remembered when I was small my mom taught me how to tie my shoes and eat with chopsticks. I will never forget that. But to become successful at online affiliate marketing, you need someone who has been there and before you. Follow his success! 

Real world training with over the shoulder schooling no more theory

I went to college and no one taught me how to earn a million dollars or be successful. School taught me how to get a good job and pay my bills until I die. I can’t promise you will become successful like Vick but he will give you a look at how to setup a successful campaign and no more theories. 

Community of online entrepreneurs

You are not alone. There is an online community of entrepreneurs supporting one another. I thought I was unique until I joined the 4 Percent group. There are all sorts of people around the world. How exciting! 

Multiple streams of income

Remember you can’t save your way to success with only one source of income. Are you making money while you sleep? My stroke came as a blessing because The Success Challenge taught me and show me how to setup multiple streams of income. 

Become an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur

I never would imagine being an online affiliate in a million years. If it wasn’t for my stroke, I would not have discovered this world. It wasn’t even on my radar as I would continue to work my 9-5 day job. Thanks to a program like The Success Challenge for steering me in the right direction.


  • Can be expensive, the price keeps going up
  • Ask to leave a rating on TrustPilot to gain support
  • No more $1 trial for 7 days
  • Many sign-ups to recommended products add up
  • Level 1 cuts out at session 26, reaching level 2 or 3 can be difficult or impossible

Can be expensive, the price keeps going up

Like any investment, if you get in early and take more risk, you pay substantially less. I pay a lot more for my college tuition. There are some guys that got in early are making 6 figures. Again, I can’t promised their results are going to be like yours. I got in at version 2, and with each release, the price goes up!

Ask to leave a rating on TrustPilot to gain support

There are a lot of people leaving great reviews on Trustpilot. Trustpilot allow customers to leave a trusted reviews but I may questioned this number.

No more $1 trial for 7 days

This was popular amongst promotional partners but Vick made an executive decision to leave this option out in this version. Vick simply asked the group, you would pay for more if this was a college class. He wants serious people to invest in themselves. The one dollar trial allowed more people in but now weed out the weak individual.

*Promotional partners are basically affiliates that invested in the program early.

Many sign-ups to recommended products add up

Vick only recommends products that you will need for online business. With many streams of income also come with many signups. Some of the products may be expensive per month.

Level 1 cuts out at session 26, reaching level 2 or 3 can be difficult or impossible

In the beginning of this version, it was cool to run aside of Vick. Vick was a day ahead in teaching his lesson and some days we waited 4-5 for the next lesson. But it simply cuts out in session 26, making it difficult or impossible to proceed. This can be annoying!

Final Thoughts

There are many programs online and a lot of people are selling their courses to make them more successful. It’s very rare to discover a program like the 4 Percent The Success Challenge and a mentor like Vick, who cares about your success and so do I.

He is honest, transparent and real. He has been there in the trenches and knows what it takes to be successful. He still struggle with forming the four percent. 

As Vick would say if the program resonates with you then invest in the program The Success Challenge. If it doesn’t then no harm no foul but invest in your online education.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and looking for a legitimate way to make money online, check out The Four Percent Success Challenge.

Lastly, I want to iterate what Earl Nightingale said in the Strangest Secret, “We become what we think about.” 

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