How I Made $116.40 In August 2019? My First Income Report - You Khanh Do It!

How I Made $116.40 In August 2019? My First Income Report

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How I Made $116.40 In August 2019? My First Income Report

[This post may contain affiliate links, I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer]

I read many income reports ahead of me and I can’t help but feel inspired. A mom with kids to a struggling job seeker now full time bloggers. 

It’s great to hear stories from other bloggers about their successes and failures. I hope my story will help inspire you as well. 

I’m doing this like them to be as transparent and real as possible. I will state my successes and failures in hope you can find some genuine guidance. 

I hope you implement my success and don’t repeat my failures. 

A little About Me

If this is your first time here on this blog, Welcome! Hi my name is Rodney.

I suffered a massive brain hemorrhage stroke on January 4, 2017

Why this date is significant to me? 

This was also my little sister’s birthday. I remember calling her that morning to wish her a Happy Birthday and say I love you.

I was hitting my stride in my tech career before my stroke.

Now, I lost everything!

This money making blog gave me new life and new goals to work on in my spare time.

Just like you I had doubts and fears. I am more limited with time and mobility. Especially with my therapy treatment and daily exercise. I’m working hard to get back to normalcy.

Why would anyone read this blog?

All I did was start somewhere.

Click here to watch my stroke live on tape.

I know I ‘Khanh’ Do It, you can do it better!

Start a blog

I wanted to a successful YouTube channel because I enjoy being behind the camera and speaking.

I didn’t have to write out content. Due to my stroke and not being able to speak that well, I was limited in my choices. 

I started a blog and about a year ago I made a chunk of change from one affiliate sale. It made me believe that there was something more to blogging. 

You can read How Stupid Excited When My New Blog Made Money?

I did have a big failure, a set back that made me thought about quitting. But this blog taught me how to never give up. 

You can read about How I Failed Miserably At Affiliate Marketing

I learned something valuable about blogging. You don’t need a lot of traffic to make money with your blog. But you need to start somewhere.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, then I will help walk you through a step-by-step over the shoulder training. 

I love to teach and guide you with my technical background. I do miss writing codes but I find that setting up my own blog and writing is therapeutic. 

I let my ideas shine by starting this blog. 

So start your own blog today and let me guide you. 

Income Report

Clickfunnels: $116.40

What I Recommend 

I don’t recommend joining too many affiliate networks. There are only a select few that I joined to make money online. You can read 10 Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

I connected with Maxbounty, Clickbank, and Nexus Offers to make some affiliate commissions.

My income came from one affiliate program. I use Clickfunnels and they finally paid me and the deposit came in my bank through ACH Payment.

Clickfunnels is an opt-in landing page builder. They also market themselves as a sales funnel that ends all websites. I think it is powerful tool to have both in tandem with your website.

I like how well it integrates with Convertkit. They are my email marketing of choice for all bloggers.

See here why they are The Best Email Service Provider For Bloggers

You might also like 5 Best Email Marketing for Beginner’s Blogger to Make Money

And I used a click tracking software called Clickmagick to track all my link clicks.

You can see how all these work in unison in my 7 Day Free Affiliate Marketing Training.

You can’t miss Day 5 Set Up Your System!


I tried to keep my monthly expenses as low as possible. A lot of the software programs I used online have a yearly discount if you pay in advance for the annual service. 

I took advantage and pre-paid for the year leading me with a huge discount.

Leaving me with Convertkit that I pay monthly. I pay this monthly because I purge or delete cold subscribers. So my subscribers count may fluctuate. I had a subscribers count as high as 20,000 members. Now, I am hovering around 500 users. 

You can find this process here → How to purge cold subscribers?

Therefore Convertkit charged $49 for the month.

Next month might be a lot less because I did a major purge of a thousand email subscribers. You may want to repeat this same process to keep your open rate and click through high.

With less email subscribers, your email service provider will charge you less while you have a higher engaged set of users.

Net Income

116.40 – 49  = 67.40

I netted $67.40!

Not bad for my first income report. 

Goals for September 2019

Although I wanted to make more, I’m happy with my results. 

I was kinda shy showing how much I made. Yes, it is embarrassing! But it keeps me honest and I felt inspired by other bloggers. 

Some made more than this amount and some made less their first month. 

The only social media platform I concentrated on is Pinterest. 

I started last month hovering below 500 followers. As of September 1st, I got 520 followers. 

I know that followers don’t mean much on Pinterest but it meant a lot to me. 

What changed? 

I posted four new articles last month and three in July. So seven total in the last two months. 

I been more aggressive and active with my blog posting. 

I also join more group board on Pinterest and posted to Tailwind Tribes. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I use Tailwind as my favorite companion for traffic resources. 

It looks like I don’t get much traffic from Pinterest group board but I’m grateful for the Tailwind Tribes. 

Give Tailwind a try. 

My goals for September 2019

  • Post 5 blog articles 
  • Have 550 followers on Pinterest 
  • Have 100 unique user sessions 
  • Make $300 in passive affiliate commission 

Final Thoughts

It is nice to start my own blog. Writing your thoughts and helping others feel libetating. 

Start your blog today! 

This is my first income report and I’m on the plus side of things. 

Next month will be interesting because I pay for traffic and went through my 7 Day Free Affiliate Marketing Training. 

I will document my affiliate journey. And the money I made with it. 

I believe my blogging journey is on the up and up. 

Stay tum for next month! 

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