About - You Khanh Do It!


Hi, my name is Rodney Nguyen. I suffered a massive brain hemorrhage stroke on January 4th, 2017, this was also my younger sister birthday. We both shared something special.

I’m grateful to be alive and this picture was taken on July 13th, 2017 as I left for home from Grossmont Hospital.  Before, I left the hospital, let me share with you my story.

I graduated from UCSD with a Bachelor of Science, in Computer Science. This is right after the tech bust of 2000.

I couldn’t find a tech job and wanted to stay in school indefinitely. I did achieved one of the hardest degree coming from Herbert Hoover High School, the ghettos of San Diego.

I was kinda written off you know, and I like to party! Who doesn’t? If you’re telling me you rather stay in on Friday night to study, than hit Gaslamp, I’ll be like, you’re crazy! I’ll be clubbing.

I’m older now, almost forty years old, still single, and hardly clubbing. I got into real estate, and my mom and I had three rental properties. But we lost it all in 2008.

I was the Founder of a busted tech company, and at one time managed five start-up engineers.

In 2010, I filed for bankruptcy because I was broke and without a job. I’m prone to risk taking and entrepreneurship.

The one book that change my whole life, a paradigm shift, was written by Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Knowing me, I hate reading (this was 20 years ago), but I couldn’t put this copy down and read it end to end.

You see I also wanted to be rich, but I was serving my own selfish needs. I moved to Sunny San Diego to start over.

I was working a full time job from home and doing consulting on the side. It was lucrative as I was doing extremely well in my career.

But that all changed on January 4th on my sister’s birthday. I lost everything: car, job career, relationship, apartment, and my health.

I remember calling her early that morning to wish her a happy birthday! I told her I had a mild headache and will go home and take a nap.

Ironically enough, me and my boss were discussing about health insurance that morning.

They were a German company and I was their first hired in United States. Guess what? That health insurance never happen, and I was hospitalized for seven long and grueling months,. No thank you, or get better soon card.

No visitation. NOTHING! They quickly left the States and went back home.

Thanks to my closest friends, family, and the dance community, They helped fundraise by selling T-shirts of me, it read “You Khanh Do It.” while I was being hospitalized. I came out of the coma after the third week.

I suffered a massive stroke, a brain heritage, and the road to recovery has been slow and hard.

Luckily, I have my quick wit, charm, and humor to save my life. But I rather be dead. I see the pain and suffering from my mom, and I asked her why she didn’t pull the plug on me. Because she believe in me, and how much fight I have left.

No quote is more relevant than from her. She said, “Nao Gau Thanh Com.” It is in Vietnamese, meaning Cooked Rice Takes Time. The funny thing is my sister got me a Yoda t-shirt from the happiest place on earth, and it reads, “Patience, You Must Have.”

Thanks to the treatment at Sharp Hospital at Grossmont, my therapy is going really well. I survived!

Why this blog?

I am going to write a book one day, why not start documenting my affiliate journey.  You “Khanh” help fund me by clicking on the various links through out the site. It’s my only source of income right now since I can’t work.

My journey is real, both financially and physically. I am struggling. I want my health back and to be uber successful. Given the options, I would much rather have my health. I am genuine, authentic, and a straight shooter.

I will tell you what works best from my own personal experiences, all with my left hand and the comfort of my cellphone.

Thanks to the dance community, the hospital staff, my youngest brother, and my mom, I get a second chance at life!

Did you know?

You can succeed if you don’t quit. I believe in you.

“You Khanh Do It!”