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5 Best Email Marketing for Beginner’s Blogger to Make Money

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August 4, 2019
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5 Best Email Marketing for Beginner’s Blogger to Make Money

[This post may contain affiliate links, I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer]

Ever felt lost with what email service providers to choose from in the beginning. I had this problem too…Analysis paralysis. So, I pick Mailchimp because they were a familiar brand. But, I switched and now I’m happy!

These are my top picks even if you are a beginner blogger or a pro. I hope I steer you in the direction and the final choice is entirely up to you.

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5. Actionectics by Clickfunnels

Oddly enough, this is by far the most expensive option for most beginners. but hear me out for one second. It comes with clickfunnels, a landing sales page/funnel, that you’ll need for your business. The starter package cost you $97/month but it won’t come with Actionectics.

I did receive $116.40 from Clickfunnels that you can read here.

Go large with the Etison suite and you can get unlimited access to Clickfunnels, Backpack, and Actionectics. This will set you back a cool penny.

With unlimited access to Actionectics for $297/month, I know this sounds expensive but  there are no sliding scale if your customer counts improve. Even if you have 1 or 100,000 customers, you still pay the same price. Making this the least expensive option over the course of time.

Maybe not in the beginning but this can be a best and cheaper option once your business improve.

4. Aweber

Plan pricing starts at $19/month for up to 500 email subscribers. Their most expensive plan is at $149/month for up to 25,000 subscribers. And anything more than 25k members, request a quote.

They offer a 30 Day Free Trial

3. Getresponse

Plan starts at $15/month for their Basic plan for up to 1,000 subscribers. They have Basic, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Prices are $15, $49, $99, and $1199 accordingly. 

The pricing plans increase by $10 when you have 1100 members. At 100,000 subscribers the prices are $450, $499, $580, and $1199 respectively.

Take off 18% if you prepaid annually or 30% for 2 years.

2. Mailerlite

A totally free email service provider for up to 1,000 subscribers and sending 12k emails per month..  

Subscribers with unlimited emails per month

1-1000 $10

1001-2500 $15

2501-5000 $30

5001-10000 $50

A 100,000 email subscribers can set you back $360. Trust me if get to here you deserve a standing ovation. YAH!

This is a great start for most beginners on a budget but it wasn’t high on my list. Why I Switched Back to ConvertKit from MailerLite?

How I found a hack for Mailerlite like ConvertKit?

1. ConvertKit

Although they are a bit pricer to start, they are the best when it comes to their super clean, easy, and intuitive interface.

For up to 1,000 subscribers, it’s $29/month.

1001-3000 $49

3001-5000 $79

100000 email subscribers will cost you $679/month.

To me it’s worth the initial small investment for something easy to use. I recommend going this option if you can afford to put some money in your business. Quality matters! 

For the price of investing in your business, you avoid the buggy headache of being free like Mailerlite.

Regardless of the rankings go with what feels right to you. I will give you my best tips and strategies for making affiliate money with email marketing.

*Note: The chart below assumes we send unlimited emails per month.

Some user starts with Mailerlite until they hit more than 1,000 email subscribers. Go with their free version that offers 12,000 emails a month.

They then switch to the other email service. Go with this direction until it gets close to Actionetics pricing of $297/month. Finally switch again to Actionectics because this is the best cheaper option. 

No more sliding scale!

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