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10 Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

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[This post may contain affiliate links, I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you. Please read my disclaimer]

What happened when you first stared?

When I first started, I’d signed up to every affiliate program that you cuold think of. I just wanted to make money online, get paid and fast. There were no real strategies involved as I was hoping they accept me in their affiliate program, soon after, it was set it and forget it.

I’m more experience now and I place affiliate links in my posts with my audience in mind. Affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your blog. It is passive enough where you can make money even while you are sleeping. I made money while I was sleeping, but guess what? My blog site is constantly at work, twenty-four seven, no rest and no breaK. Tough job, right!?

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What is affiliate marketing?

cookieOne a user click on one of your referral links, a cookie is set in their browser for up-to a certain a number of days with your tracking code. When they make a purchased, you’ll earn a commission. Basically, you will earn a commission by promoting other’s people product. The cool thing is you don’t have to create this product! This is risk-free on your part. Your goal is to refer the link with some useful information.

Why become an online affiliate marketer?

Imagine a burger joint down the street, and you don’t know if they are good or not. They call themselves Joe Smo’. They advertise all around town and perhaps in the local classified but you don’t take Joe Smo’ words for it. It isn’t until one day you had a pleasant conversation with your best friend. He/she told you that the burger at Joe Smo’ was amazing! So you went to Joe Smo’ restaurant and order yourself a burger. And it was great! We can say this for tires, ladders, etc. If you have a restaurant call Joe Smo’, call me. I want royalties! Just kidding.

What happen in this case? Well your best friend is someone you love and trust and their words bring a lot of value in your conversation. Although your friend didn’t get paid in this case, the words that came his/her mouth were passive. It is like free advertisement for the restaurant. It is word-of-mouth advertisement. You want to become an online affiliate marketer because your referral links are passive. The links have the potential to earn you a passive residual income.

What affiliate programs are the best for new bloggers?

Here’s a short list of affiliate programs, feel free to use the service I suggest below, and if I left out your favorite affiliate programs, please provide me a comment below.

(Click on image to take you to the link)Amazon-Associates logoIf you bought something online, chances are you’d bump into Amazon. They are major online brand but the commission payout can be low. It might be worthwhile to refer bigger ticket items like a camera. Payouts commission starts at 4% and can be high as 10%.. If you don’t make a sale within 180 days, Amazon pulls you from the affiliate program. You have to re-sign as an affiliate again, something I went though. Your account will be restored if you re-sign with their program.

avanntlink logo

English speaking country like US, Canada, and Great Britain may apply. Motto: Last click isn’t winning anymore.

awin logo

Major brands are Etsy, Fiverr, Swagbucks, Dish Network, HP. There’s a $5 sign-up processing fee and wordpress plugin  that will convert relevant link into affiliate link Over 100,000 publishers and 6,000 advertisers. Brought together by Affiliate Window and Zanox networks.clickbank logo

Extensive catalog of resources for an affiliate to choose. They also provide tools and resources for an affiliate to succeed. There are email swipes, banners, free ebooks that you can give-away. My favorite to get started as a beginner blogger and payout commission can be 75% per sale.

cj logo

I initially signed up with Commission Junction. I wanted to promote Hostgator because I currently use them as my hosting provider. Bluehost has a great affiliate program. That’s why everyone is promoting them and their hosting plan is cheap, starting at $3.95/month.

Anyhow they have a diverse merchants for affiliate, a quick peruse I see they carry 24 Hour Fitness.

flipkart logo

Flipkart is an Indian electronic commerce company based in Bengaluru, India. They are an equivalent to Amazon. They carry a lot of merchandise in different niches that you can promote on your blog site.

jvzoo logo

Akhtar good network that pays their affiliate, commission can be as high as 100. They also do cost per lead (cpa) instead of sales. All you have to do is drive traffic to your affiliate link.

shareasale logo

I signed up with this program because I wanted to promote Tailwind. Tailwind is awesome in that it frees me up in Pinterest and Instagram. It saves me time by doing the posts for me, this happen automatic with a pin scheduler. They are part of Awin as well. Lots of great products to promote.

skimlink logoMajor brands are Ebay, Nordstrom, Amazon, John Lewis, Groupon, Net A Porter. They host over 24,000 merchants worldwide. Use with 1.5 million domain and 57,000 publisher. I love their slogan: Make money from your content.

This is reader’s delight! If you enjoy reading, then you’ll enjoy this because they have all different types of bundle which include parenting, blogging, organizing, photography, health, and parenting. Commission is awarded with 40% per sale. It comes jam pack of digital e-books and knowledge. One of my favorite because I love reading.

My final thoughts.

There are probably more affiliate programs out there that you can sign up with. What I mentioned above is for you to get started. What is your favorite? My favorite is of course Clickbank. They have a diverse range of products you can choose from. Also, resources to help you succeed as a new affiliate. Tell me your favorite and comment below.

Suggested reading

Pick and choose products that’ll you can promote in your niche. I hope this list will help you get started as an successful affiliate.

To your success,


Rodney Nguyen

Founder “You Khanh Do It!”

[Note: These are my affiliate links so I may receive a commission if you sign up through my links. This is at no additional cost to you.]